Green Lantern Corps #40

Green Lantern Corps #40Continuing on from the events of last month, the Blackest Night has erupted across Oa, with the Lanterns in the Crypts being raised as Black Lanterns, and Black Lantern Jade having arrived to target Kyle.

This was a brilliant issue.  Possibly my favourite Blackest Night issue so far.   Unlike a lot of the other issues though, it probably feels more like a superhero comic with less of the outright horror elements that the others have had.  But, this really reminded me of some of the best action-packed moments of the Sinestro Corps War.

A highlight had to really be the scene with Salaak and the Alpha Lanterns.  Again, Gleason’s interpreation of the Alphas is spooky as heck, and much like saw with Boodikka over in this month’s GL title, the Alpha Lanterns are getting out of control.  Only this time, rather than a programming glitch, they just straight out try and take control of Oa and the Green Lanterns.  This leads into Salaak revealing a message from the Guardians actually stating that he is in charge in their absence, followed by Kyle and Guy.  Its a great scene, with Salaak laying down the law, and also the nice nod as to how important in the heirarchy of the Corps Kyle and Guy actually are.  Still though, you can’t help but get the feeling that the Alpha Lanterns haven’t been completely dissuaded from taking over.   There’s going to be big problems with them in the near future.

Talking of Guy and Kyle, they both get their moments to shine as well.  The Kyle/Jade confrontation I found to be pretty effective, with Kyle quickly seeing through Black Lantern Jade and blowing her apart.  Of course she reforms, taunting Kyle with images of all the women he’s lost.   Its a keystone to Kyle’s character that he’s pretty much cursed when it comes to women, and its been brought up quite a few times lately, so it’ll be interesting to see how Peter Tomasi approaches it.  He seems to be keen to move Kyle on as a character so I suspect “Jade” isn’t going to get the reaction she’s expecting from him.

It was also nice to see the execution from a couple of months back revisited so quickly as again, one of the Guardians’ poor decisions comes back on them as the executed prisoners all rise as Black Lanterns.

While this book was filled with great moments, there was also a very intriguing moment, as we revisit Kryb who escaped from Zamarron in the latest issue of Green Lantern.  Here we find her arrive at her planet, closely pursued by Star Sapphire Miri, only to find the children missing.  Its an intriguing scene as we see Miri willing to play off of Kryb’s (twisted) love for the children and agree to help her find them.  Obviously here we’re seeing a more dubious side to the Sapphires as Miri seems to view Kryb’s love for the children above all other factors.

This was just a great issue.   I can’t wait to see what happens next month, but its safe to say things look pretty bleak on Oa.  The Guardians appear to be dead (or at least missing after their imprisonment by Scar), and with the sheer number of Black Lanterns they’re facing, its hard to see how things are going to get better for the Green Lanterns.

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  1. I also enjoyed this issue, it struck right to the point of the Blackest Night. It attacks the heart of every character (litterally and figuratively) showing them all what they have lost.

    Incidentally, I was pleasantly surprised by Red Robin #4, a series I didn’t expect to do anymore than develop Tim’s character a bit, or try to show him as a renegade. But the end of this issue ties into Final Crisis nicely, where we finally see his faith validated. The last we saw of Bruce was him scawling the Bat symbol onto a cave wall. We see this wall again. =]


  2. I must admit, I hadn’t bothered getting Red Robin #3 after being unimpressed by the first two issues. I don’t really get DC’s love of that identity over the last few years, and I disliked how Tim was ousted from the Robin role and was being handled.

    That said I did pick up Red Robin #4 and I enjoyed how his “search for Bruce” has actually turned out to be significant. I still dislike the Tim vs Dick aspect of the story, but its nice to see that the series is actually going to be a big part of the ongoing RIP mystery.


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