Blackest Night #3

Blackest Night #3 VariantThe War of Light’s impact starts to be felt in this month’s issue of Blackest Night.

Again, Johns anchors this issue around Barry and Hal, who’re dealing with the Black Lantern JLA from the end of last issue, and who find themselves saved at the last moment by the Indigo tribe in a surprise appearance.

Bringing the War of Light to the Blackest Night series, the leader of the Indigo tribe explains what’s been going on for those who haven’t been reading Green Lantern, but also helps fill in some of the general backstory as well.  The much-speculated white light gets a mention, but unlike the “White Lantern”, I’m more inclined to think what we’ll actually be seeing is a teamup of the lead Lantern from each Corps, forced to work together, rather than one special Lantern saving the day (Hal).

However, despite this being confirmed we’re still left with questions.  The Indigos obviously know more about what’s going on than potentially even the Guardians.  They’ve been in hiding, but I have to wonder how long for.  Are they as old as the Guardians, or older?  We also have Mera noting she was able to escape the Black Lanterns by controlling her emotions.  A balance related to the white light?  Or perhaps even peace such as we’ve seen with Dove?  Food for thought.

Really, the only misstep in the book probably comes about when Hal learns Carol is again a Star Sapphire and on Zamaron.  He’s ready to run off, until Barry stops him, as it’d leave Earth defenseless.  Without a Green Lantern (we learn their light combined with another Lantern can defeat a Black Lantern) Earth has no chance of stopping the Black Lanterns.  Hal’s response is to get in touch with Alan, or any of the light-weilding superheroes.   It really jarred for me, as Hal should be well aware that Alan’s ring is intrinsictly different to his (the status of the Yalan Gar origin of Alan’s battery not withstanding), and Hal’s been at the forefront of the emotional spectrum side of things.  He should know that light has very little to do with what’s going on.

While last month’s issue was all about Aquaman, this month its about Firestorm, as Jason is pushed to the forefront, and finds himself up against the Ronnie Raymond Firestorm, and it doesn’t end well.  Johns plays out the tragedy of Ghenna’s fate brilliantly.  What happens to her is horrific, with Jason an unwilling participant.  However I can’t help but wonder if Geoff is also teasing the future of Firestorm.   Should Ronnie be resurrected by the end of this series, we’ve been shown exactly how both Firestorms could work together as the lead role, with Jason moving into the Professor Stein role.   Its a tempting thought and a move that would potentially keep fans of both Firestorms happy.

An effective tease at the end of the issue as well .  100%.  Thanks to the solicits, we know exactly what this means.  But its still hugely effective.

There’s no doubt that Geoff is bringing his best to this series.  The War of Light’s impact finally being felt in this series was very welcome indeed and I look forward to seeing what exactly is going to happen next.


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