Blackest Night: Titans #2

Blackest Night: Titans #2As the cover shows, one of the main focuses of this issue of Blackest Night: Titans is Donna and her ex-husband and child coming back as Black Lanterns.   Of course, we’re still ignoring the fact that her kid was actually a lot older when he died, because I guess a Black Lantern 6/7 year old is less creepy.  New Earth I guess.

There’s a couple of main points of interest in this issue.  The first involves Donna as she gets bitten by her Black Lantern son.   This results in some sort of infection affecting her.   This is the first time we’ve seen something like this, as previously most of the power from Black Lanterns seemed to stem from their rings (reference the notion that the rings are wearing the bodies from Blackest Night #3).  My only thought is that this could be related to the black “goop” we’ve seen from Scar and Black Hand.   Donna’s on the sizable list of characters who’ve cheated death and resurrected, so I wonder if this could be linked to why she’s been affected this way.   More next issue hopefully.

The other main thing I found interesting was the continuing situation with Dove.  The original Hawk is still goading her after killing her sister last issue (who promptly comes back as a Black Lantern herself), and we still see that the Black Lanterns are unable to get an emotional reading from Dove.  From what we see of the fight, it does seem like Dove is getting angry over her sister’s death, so rather than Dove being emotionally balanced in some way (as Mera tried to do to shield herself), it seems more like its something external protecting her from the Black Lanterns.  Presumably related to her powers, and that same thing is also still protecting the original Dove from being brought back?

I think this issue maybe does suffer from being the middle part of the story (similarly BN: Superman #2 did the same) but I’m enjoying this tie-in a lot more than I expected to.  The stuff with Donna’s family evoke’s the pure horror feel used elsewhere in the crossover (especially BN: Superman #1) and the stuff with Dove and the Hawks seems to hint towards bigger revelations later in the main Blackest Night series.


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    Note of interest, Batman: Blackest Night #3 of 3 has a scene with Etrigan the demon in and the emotion detected by the BLs is the same unknown as with the two Doves.


  2. Just read that myself. Very interesting stuff. I wonder what link there could be between Etrigan and the Doves. I don’t know the characters that well, but beyond the fact they’re both rooted in the supernatural side of the DCU I can’t think of anything particularly significant to Blackest Night.


  3. I’m wondering if it has any relation to the references the tie ins keep making to the Phantom Stranger. I hope they do not give him an origin, the mystery makes his character what it is.


  4. I do find it interesting that Phantom Stranger is one of the one-shots they’ve picked for January. Certainly the scenes in the graveyard from earlier in Blackest Night do seem to point to the Stranger being significant in some way.


  5. IGN has some interesting things on it today.

    Written by Peter J. Tomasi
    Art and cover by Ardian Syaf & Vicente Cifuentes

    Spotlighting the DC Universe’s magic-based characters! The Phantom Stranger, with Blue Devil at his side, battles the Black Lantern Spectre with little hope of success. Meanwhile, Black Lantern Deadman delves into the Phantom Stranger, compelled to learn the mysterious hero’s true origins. But what dangers will arise if the Phantom Stranger’s enigmatic past is revealed? Find out in another of this month’s one-issue revivals of classic DC Universe titles!

    ONE-SHOT – on sale January 20 – 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US ”

    Also an issue that hints at Atrocius not only surviving the Blackest Night, but gaining immense power. Presumably by utilizing a ‘rage entity’.

    There is a cover with Parallax on it (classic Hal one).

    Oh, and Guy is going to become a Red Lantern. Had to happen eventually.
    This link has the covers and details.


  6. Given that I’ve never really known about the Phantom Stranger, just the stuff from Blackest Night combined with that solicit has me really intrigued. Must pick it up. Interesting that the Spectre battle is mentioned there though, and we know that GL will be picking up on it as well, with Hal caught up in it.

    Love that Parallax cover. A really nice image.

    Nice to hear the hint that Atrocious survives Blackest Night. While there’s the argument that all these other Corps make the GLs a bit less special, at this point I think there’s still plenty of mileage left in them, and I’ll be hoping at least some of them stick around post-Blackest Night (Larfleeze for example could easily survive and just go into seclusion again).

    Actually, from what we know so far of the Emotional Spectrum, I can’t really think of why any of the Corps wouldn’t be around post Blackest Night. Although the Zamarrons will have some rebuilding to do.


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