Green Lantern #46

Green Lantern #46Slightly late with the comics run this week, but nice to have both Green Lantern and Blackest Night: Titans to pick up.

Green Lantern this month follows on directly from the events of Blackest Night #3.  The War of Light gets temporarily shunted to the side as we deal with what happens to Hal after Indigo-1 teleports him to Zamarron to deal with the situation there and meet up with Carol and Sinestro.

Where this issue really shines is undoubtedly the scenes on Zamarron with those three.  They play off each other well, and again the character that really stands out is Sinestro.  Geoff Johns is well know for the character he infuses into his villains and Sinestro is no exception.   The fall of Zamarron is well done, and suitably ominous, with the Predator now on the loose (something the Zamarrons were keen to avoid) as well as a second set of Black Lantern Hawks joining the fray.

I’m now wondering if Blackest Night will see the Hawks rebooted.  I’d wondered if their deaths were going to be setup for a future mini or JSA storyline, but with the reveal that the couple in the Zamarron battery were the original Egyptian descendants of the Hawks, I do wonder if Geoff is building to something here.

The long awaited Sinestro Mongul confrontation was good fun, if a little short.  I loved the way Sinestro kept slapping down Hal and Carol for interfering in his fight and the reveal of the safeguards built into the rings made a lot of sense for Sinestro, who (at least post-Rebirth) has been all about forward planning.  The only real disappointment was that it was Geoff writing this and not Peter Tomasi, since Tomasi’s been the one handling Mongul’s takeover of the Sinestro Corps for the last couple of years over in GLC, although its understandable with all that’s going on on Oa at the moment.

Really the only lowpoint of the issue for me was the one page with John Stewart.  I’m starting to get a little tired of how slow this storyline is progressing, and to be honest, with only one page, I’d rather it had just been skipped this issue and dealt with in two or three pages next month.  As it stands, John is left looking a bit dumb running off onto Black Lantern Xanshi like that.  Granted, he doesn’t know what’s going on and can’t contact Oa, but another page or half a page showing him more conflicted over flying into such a dodgy situation might’ve been nice.  At least we know though that this storyline should be getting a bigger airing in upcoming issues.  Or at least, that’s what the solicits seem to indicate.  As it is though, I do feel for John fans as thus far, despite a really promising story arc, he’s been a bit short-changed by this event.

With Blackest Night being the pay-off of so much of Johns’ run since Rebirth its no real surprise that this is another cracking issue.  The only potential problem is that Johns has so much story and so many plot threads being covered that much of the War of Light is left to one side here (no doubt to get picked up on next month).  I’m really keen to see what’s happening on Odym, Okaraa and Ysmault with the Blue, Orange and Red Lanterns after last issue’s cliffhanger.

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