First Games of Black Reach

Assault on Black Reach setupYup, after a tonne of posts surrounding the various painting efforts, I finally got round to playing a couple of games of the Assault on Black Reach set the other day.   As it was the first attempt, all my extra units such as the Assault Marines were left out of the game, and we stuck to the units included in the set.  Partly though, this was also just to ensure the armies stayed pretty balanced as I don’t currently have any other Orks.

As mentioned in a previous post, the rules can be quite daunting, so we played two games in total, with the first being the cut-down, simplified game suggested in the quick-start guide, consisting solely of the Ork Boyz (2 units of 10) and the Space Marine Tactical Squad (10 miniatures).  Played on an open field with no terrain to complicate matters, it was a pretty quick game, aside from the frequent flicking through the quick-start guide and rule book whenever we were sorting out a move or combat.

Sadly for my Space Marines, they got pretty soundly trounced by the Orks.  The narrow field we’d setup meant their weapons didn’t have enough time to thin out the numbers before the Orks got in close and pummelled them, which led to the next game, where we decided to chuck everything into the game.

This was definitely a lot more complex, and certain situations involved a lot of rule-book reading (like the first time the Dreadnought was attacked, so we had to figure out all the armour rules.  That took a while).  It was definitely a close battle though and a lot of fun.  There were a few big moments, such as when, in the afore-mentioned Dreadnought attack, the 3 Ork Deffkoptas used their twin-linked rokkit launchers to immobilise the Dreadnought and destroy one of its weapons.   Sadly leaving my Dreadnought useless unless any Orks happened to walk infront of it.   However this was then compensated for by a particularly good round for my tactical squad, who annihilated one of the Ork Boyz units in a hail of bolter fire, allowing them to then focus on the Deffkoptas.

It was that kind of balance that led to a really fun game.  At various points it could’ve gone either way, depending on the dice, although I must say, the superb armour save value of the Space Marine Terminator armour helped a lot, with their ability to take a real pounding in close combat.

It was also nice to see the miniatures I’d painted in an actual game.  Since I was behind the Marines the whole time I couldn’t really appreciate them, but the Orks I’d worked on really worked well.

Looking forward to the next games.  And by then I’ll hopefully have even more of the Orks painted.  Maybe this time as well the Dreadnought will last a little longer.


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