Space Hulk: First Blood

When it comes to Space Hulk, I established two things this weekend:

  1. I suck at Space Hulk
  2. Space Hulk rocks

I got the chance to break in my set, and me and a friend sat down for a good couple of hours of gaming.  With both of us having read about the game extensively in White Dwarf a couple of months ago, we were both keen to try it out.

We decided the best thing to do would be to just start at the beginning, setup mission 1 and play through it twice, swapping sides.  After flicking through the rulebook we also decided to ditch the egg timer for the Space Marine turn while we were feeling our way with the game (although as it turned out, with just one unit of Marines and a small map, the timer wasn’t really an issue).

What followed was a play through of the first two missions, allowing us to try out most of the marines.  The second mission especially made good use of the corridor and room pieces, building up to quite a large map.  Sadly, I also discovered my tactics suck, resulting in a 4-nil kicking 🙂

It was quite interesting seeing how the game mechanics vary to the main game.  The use of action points and squares on the boards makes many aspects easier.  With combat, while initially strange-looking,  the rules worked really well in practice, removing complex details like armour-saves, and providing something a lot more straight-forward.  The game boards also really help to build up the atmosphere and establish the scene of the mission, especially when coupled with the mission book detailing the overall story that’s unfolding.

It all made for a great fun afternoon.  Despite the kicking I took, we were definitely getting the hang of the rules quickly, and the pace allowed us to fit in all four games in an afternoon.  I’m now really looking forward to my next chance to get a game.


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