Tau Empire

Tau Fire WarriorWith the Assault on Black Reach set, and the extra bits and pieces I’d been buying, I’ve been painting quite a few Marines and Orks since I started collecting Warhammer. So I decided it was time to pick up something a bit different for a change, and to give me some variety in my projects, between my remaining marines and Orks.

I had been looking at picking up some Necrons. The idea of undead robot skeletons who are tough as all get out definitely appeals, and I can see myself at least getting a set of the warriors at somepoint. However, instead I decided to go with the Tau. Their battlesuits have a great anime-type feel, and I really liked the look of the Firewarriors. So I decided that if I was going to properly get into a third army, then the Tau probably offered the most variety when compared to the Necrons.

My first purchase was a set of Firewarriors, and my first attempt at assembling and painting one of them can be seen above.   I’ve now ended up leaping in and getting the Battleforce set however, due to an offer that made getting it quite cheap.  The one above isn’t quite complete yet.  I may have a go at highlighting it a bit (still not got the hang of that), and there’s some detail to be added to the gun, but its basically there.  Painting it has been quite fun so far though and suitably different to the Marines and Orks.  I am discovering that trying to glue two arms and a gun together and to the torso is quite awkward (also true for some of the marines I’ve been building).  I’ll need to try and figure out the knack to that.

I’m really looking forward to building up the rest.  It looks like there’s scope for real variety in their poses, especially when compared to the Marines tactical squad I’ve got.  I love how there’s some crouched legs in the kit for example (I’ve not got into the proper modifying yet).  The giant Devilfish APC looks like it should be quite challenging as well.  So far my vehicle experience has been limited to the smaller bikes, so building something that size and then painting it should be interesting (I suspect I may need more paint).


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  1. They sometimes mark the sprues with a letter or number to tell you which arms go together… can’t remember if the Tau are like that.
    They are a good choice of army, though… look forward to seeing more… I have a few bits and bobs, but not the tanks or new stealth suits.


  2. My plan is definitely to put together a Stealth Suit and a Kroot tonight if I’ve got the time to see what they’re like. At least now I’ve got plenty of variety in what I’m working on 🙂

    Must check out the sprues for the numbers. That’d definitely be handy. Part of it though is just trying to balance all the bits in the right position as you wait for the glue to take hold. At least the glue works quickly, but it can still end up a little messy if you slip I’ve found 🙂


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