The Gift

BlathereenThis series of Sarah Jane Adventures has really flown past.  I guess that’s the effect of the two episodes a week format, but I couldn’t believe it was already the finale.

And this year, it was the return of those favourite monsters, the Slitheen.  While their appearances in the parent show have always been controversial (I like them, but even I’ll happily admit that Aliens in London was a mess and the fart gags were too much), they seem to have found a much happier home here, and its really nice to see new monsters returning and being a big deal rather than just the classics like Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans etc (I feel similar about seeing the Judoon turn up again in the Stolen Earth, and here in the series opener).

Of course, it wasn’t just the Slitheen who turned up, but another family from Raxacoricofallapatorius, the Blathereen, who were more than happy to help Sarah Jane and co deal with the Slitheen, and then offered them the hand (claw?) of friendship in the form of a plant that could end world hunger.

Needless to say, the plant isn’t what it seems, and it doesn’t take long before its spores are infecting all of London and Luke is ill from exposure to them.

The nice thing is that pretty much everyone gets the chance to shine in this finale.  Well, ok Luke ends up ill, but he still appears more than he did in half the stories in this series, and I’m willing to put his illness down to Tommy Knight’s exams again (he may have been present, but it cut down on the number of lines he’d have had to learn at least).   Separating Clyde and Rani to deal with events at the school with K9’s help, while Sarah Jane and Mister Smith deal with the Blathereen worked really well.

All in all, I think Sarah Jane Adventures continues to improve with each series.  I can’t think of a single duff story this year, and its interesting how some of the less publicised stories (specifically the Haunted House one) actually emerged as some of the strongest this year.  From a rights point of view, it’ll be interesting to see if they manage to keep K9 around for series 4, and I certainly hope they do, as his snarky relationship with Mister Smith has been great fun, and I’d love to see more of it.

A great series.  Roll on series 4 😀


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