Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 CastOne of the new shows I’ve been really enjoying, which just finished its first season on Sci-Fi UK is Warehouse 13.

A Syfy original program, it follows Secret Service Agents Peter Lattimer and Myka Bering who find themselves reassigned from their normal duties to work for Artie Nielsen in the top-secret Warehouse 13 where supernatural artefacts are stored away to protect the general public from their dangers.

On the surface, the show comes across as a kookier version of the X-files, without the Government Conspiracy stuff.  However where the show really shines is in the dialogue between the various leads.  Peter and Myka are really well written as the banter flies back and forth between them and its a lot of fun to watch.

Another thing that really makes the show stand out is the steampunk styling given to most of the Warehouse and its associated technology, with most of it being said to having been created by Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and MC Escher as well as their main video communications devices, the Farnsworths.  It really helps give the show a unique feel compared to most other Sci-Fi shows currently airing.

As the show goes on, despite the seemingly goofy tone, its not afraid to build up arc plots.  Some, primarily the threat of rogue Warehouse Agent MacPherson, are built up heavily across the season, whereas others such as Artie’s mysterious past and the exact nature of the Warehouse and who runs it are left bubbling under the surface to be built upon as the show goes on longer term.  We know this is the 13th iteration of Warehouses that stretch back to the Library at Alexandria, which is said to be the first Warehouse.  This raises all kinds of questions regarding the group who run the Warehouses and the influence they must have.

Overall, I found this to be a really strong first season, and I’m keen to see what the second brings.  While the show may not have grabbed the immediate cult fame of some other shows, it strikes me that Sci-Fi have a nice little sleeper hit here.  The majority of the episodes allow you to drop in and out of the show, so there’s easily scope to pick up additional viewers as more people find out about it.


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