Green Lantern Corps #43 Preview

Green Lantern Corps #43Its been a while since I was motivated to throw up a quick post just talking about an issue preview.  Largely its due to making writing the post once the full issue is out a bit trickier.  However I loved IGN’s preview for GLC #43 so much I just had to say something.

Guy turning to a Red Lantern’s been known for a while now, and Kyle’s death last issue was obviously the event that was going to push him over the edge.  What surprised me was how quickly it happens, within the first few pages presented in this preview.  But what a preview.

I really love how Soranik and Guy’s grief is played against their individual struggles to save Kyle, between Soranik trying to resuscitate Kyle himself while Guy is struggling to prevent Kyle’s ring leaving for Mogo.  And then when Guy’s grief gives way to rage as the Black Lanterns reform around them, he gets nabbed by Vice’s red ring, giving us a superb splash page of Red Lantern Guy.

I really love the design and artwork of Guy as a Red Lantern.  The armoured look is suitably menacing given what’s happening, and the colouring reminds me very much of Gleason’s take on the Alpha Lanterns.  Guy bathed in red light is a striking image with the light coming off of him really adding to the feeling of his rage that comes off the page.

Of course, he’s still got his Green Lantern ring on his right hand as well, and its similarly lit up.  Given Hal maintained an element of control while possessed by the red ring (and was able to form red constructs), I wonder if Guy’ll be the same.  Its a marked difference to the other Green Lantern-turned-red we’ve seen, Laira, who had been stripped of her green ring prior to the red one coming along.

And with Guy’s rage focused on the Black Lanterns, its a safe bet that the combination of his green and red rings will allow him to thin out their numbers while Soranik tries to save Kyle.

Really looking forward to getting this issue on Thursday.


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