Iron Man 2 Trailer

The official Iron Man 2 trailer is now up on Apple’s site or around the net.

Looks superb.  Seems to have exactly the same tone as the first film and the cast once again looks amazing.  And, of course, there’s War Machine 🙂

Also interesting to note that Tony’s clearly in a new suit at the end of the film.  There’s a Silver Centurion-style triangular unibeam visible on it as opposed to the round one (the arc reactor) we saw on the Mark 3 in the first film.

Next summer can’t come fast enough 😀


4 thoughts on “Iron Man 2 Trailer

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  1. Must remembe rto watch this next time I’m online at home. The AC/DC track you talk of, it wouldn’t be War Machine would it? I’m just asking because that might break the upper limit to what is cool in the universe.


  2. Indeed. If there’s one thing Iron Man films have done well (and lets be honest, there’s lots of things the first one did well), its give us rocking trailers 😀


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