Green Lantern Corps #43

Green Lantern Corps #43So, when we last (ie the preview) left things, Guy and Soranik were struggling with Kyle’s death and to bring him back, only for Guy to fall victim to Vice’s red ring.

Its interesting that Red Lantern Guy then completely full fills Kyle’s plan from last issue.  Guy appears to maintain more control than any Red Lantern we’ve seen other than Atrocitous himself, while still giving into his rage, he’s still able to talk, and uses both his rings to devastating effect with the combination of green and red light immediately disconnecting any Black Lanterns that run into him.

And while Guy’s running amok, Soranik finds herself getting help from all sides, as Munk and the various other Green Lanterns come to her aid to help destroy the black rings that are trying to claim Kyle.  However, its the intervention of Star Sapphire Miri whose powers tether onto Soranik’s love for Kyle that finally leads to Kyle’s resurrection.

If there’s one thing I’ve always said Peter Tomasi does well, its juggling various characters and plotlines, and in many ways this issue brings several of those together.  We see Kryb and Miri’s hunt for the Orphans lead them to Oa, placing Miri where she needs to be to save Kyle.  Kyle and Soranik’s relationship has of course been a feature of the series for a while now, and it’ll be interesting to see how this effects them going forward.

Guy’s anger has also been hinted at for a while, leading up to the Black Lanterns seeing rage in him where they saw will in other Green Lanterns and that pays off here with the red ring claiming him, and finally Tomasi brings together all the main characters from his run as Kyle vows to lead them to save Guy.

Peter Tomasi has really been making the most of this crossover.  In some ways Green Lantern Corps is coming across the slightly better of the two main tie-ins, but much like the build up, I think this is probably due to being slightly less coupled to the main narrative.  While Geoff Johns is having to focus on introducing plot elements and getting things to a specific point (such as assembling the different Corps members together), Peter Tomasi’s been much freer in terms of what he’s doing, especially under the very basic premise of “Black Lanterns attack Oa”.  From that point of view, this week’s issue of Green Lantern should be very interesting, since it looks to be focusing on the similarly separate plotline of John Stewart on Xanshi and I’ll be intrigued to see what Geoff Johns does with the book uncoupled from the main mini-series.

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