Crisis On Earth-Blog: The DC Challenge

Welcome new and regular readers to the Crisis on Earth-Blog Challenge!

If you’ve made your way here from another challenge, then congratulations on your right answer 😀

For those of you that are new to the challenge, here’s how it works.  Throughout the internet, a bunch of us blogging-types who talk about DC Comics characters have gotten together, and set a fiendish (and not so fiendish) set of puzzles.    Each blog will be based around a certain character and contain a section of a larger piece of art containing their character.  Correctly solve the puzzle on the blog, and you’ll move onto the next blog and their challenge, until eventually you find your way through the twisty maze of blogs and challenges to find the final, complete artwork featuring all the characters you’ve visited on your travels.

Of course, if you’ve found your way here from another challenge, you already knew all that, so on with the challenge 🙂

Adam Strange: Defender of Rann is no stranger to the readers of this blog.  An archeologist on Earth, he found himself caught in a Zeta beam which transported him across the galaxy to the planet Rann, a world of great scientific achievement, where he quickly found his quick-thinking and cunning tactics put to use defending them from alien invaders.  However the Zeta Beam would invariably wear off, returning him to Earth at the end of each adventure.

Some time later, a way was found to imbue Adam with Mega-Zeta radiation which kept him on Rann permanently where he stayed, raising his daughter after his wife Alanna was thought dead.

A long-time ally to the Justice League, imagine their surprise when one day, they suddenly found themselves scooped up in a Zeta Beam and transported to Rann.   Only things were definitely not right.  Adam was no longer the defender of Rann, instead he had become its dictator.  Having joined forces with the En’taran Slavemasters after discovering his wife was alive, he was intent in restoring Rann to its full glory in preparation for Alanna returning.  The population of Rann had been enslaved by Adam and the telepathic En’tarans. However, realising the work would not be completed in time, Adam had decided to kidnap the JLA to ensure things would be ready.

To find their old friend so unhinged was a big shock for the JLA. However as they planned their escape, they found themselves betrayed by another of their own who decided to switch sides and help Adam in his mad scheme.  So the question is, which member of the JLA betrayed the rest of the team?

A) Firestorm

B) Mister Miracle

C) The Martian Manhunter

D) The Atom

E) I Don’t Know

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