Green Lantern Corps #44

Right, I really, really need to catch up with some of my blogging.

When we last left events on Oa, Guy was on the rampage as a Red Lantern, Kyle had just been resurrected, and Mogo had decided it was time to socialise.

The highlight for this issue is easily the stuff with Mogo, that neatly wraps up the issue of the Black Lanterns devastating Oa.  It really showcases how powerful Mogo can be as he pulls everyone off of Oa, dragging the Black Lanterns down through his surface towards his power battery core, where they’ll be continually destroyed, no matter how many times they reform.

I loved the justification for Mogo’s appearance being so simple (The Guardians had ordered all Lanterns to report for duty), although interesting was the interaction between Mogo and Salaak.  For some reason Salaak really doesn’t seem to care for Mogo (constantly referring to him as “it”), something made worse when Mogo reveals he has special orders from the Guardians Salaak didn’t know about.  With Salaak being the main administrator for Oa, there’s an element of the control freak to his character, and obviously Mogo being so powerful and key within the Corps unsettles him.

While all this is going on, Guy is still running amok with the red ring.  Kyle’s keen to get it off him, but its pointed out that Guy’s now nicely doing the job Kyle intended when he freed Vice.  Of course, once Mogo takes care of the Black Lanterns, there’s now the issue that they’re not between Guy and his fellow GLs any more, which nicely sets up everyone trying to get the ring off of Guy next issue.

Which should be interesting, as up until now the only “cure” for a red ring we’ve seen has been a blue ring.  Currently though there is an Indigo Lantern and Star Sapphire on Oa as well, so even if the green ring can’t restore Guy’s system from the red ring, then presumably a combination of the different powers will (unless Ganthet’s sent a blue lantern to Oa to help out, who conveniently turns up).

I’m glad the “Oa under Siege” aspect of the story’s been wrapped up so neatly without dragging things out at all, and the stage is now nicely set for the GLs sorting Guy out before heading to Earth to respond to the distress call with the other Corps, so the story arc has been nicely laid out.    Although saying that, recent previews show that the Black Lantern Anti-Monitor will be turning up, so that’ll be very interesting indeed.

I have to presume its once the GLC is on Earth, and they somehow manage to destroy the Black battery, unfortunately not realising he’s trapped in there.  After their brief skirmish in the Sinestro Corps War, a full-on Anti-Monitor versus GLC fight should make for some pretty epic reading.


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