Green Lantern Corps #45

With the Black Lanterns on Oa dealt with by Mogo, and the GLC due to make the leap to Earth in time for Blackest Night #7, its no surprise that the focus of this issue is dealing with Guy’s red ring infection.

And again, its ultimately Mogo that comes to the rescue, as he forces Guy to face his demons, before finally purging Guy of the red ring, albeit not completely.  In the meantime Kyle and the others try their best to help out, but there’s not really a lot they can do.  There’s a nice nod to the Green Lantern arc, where Munk tells Kyle the only real way to get rid of a red ring, is with a Blue Lantern, but Munk’s low on power and unable to teleport one to them, and the red energy makes holding Guy down long enough to take him to a Blue lantern nearly impossible.

There’s been some criticism of padding in the GL titles over the last month or two, undoubtedly caused by the January skip month introduced in the main Blackest Night miniseries.  Certainly the Spectre/Parallax storyline felt a bit out of place in the main Green Lantern title, and here, while the story does flow well, its noticeable that very little actually happens, beyond Guy’s red ring infection being dealt with.  The use of Mogo for the second time in two issues to fix things jumps out as well, and you can’t help but wonder if initially this would’ve all happened in one issue, with Mogo absorbing the Black Lanterns and Guy at the same time, only to then spit out the cured Guy.

Mogo does make the point though that he’s unable to completely purge the red lantern energy from Guy’s system.  What this actually means is unclear (let’s be honest, Guy’s not known for his calm temperament at the best of times), but with Peter Tomasi taking Guy over to the new Emerald Warriors title, I imagine we’re seeing something being dropped in that’ll be picked up there as presumably it’ll become a problem that needs Guy to seek out a Blue Lantern for help purging the red energy completely.

The end of the issue ties in neatly to the main events in Blackest Night, with some new Indigo Lanterns turning up to teleport everyone to Earth (just in time to save John Stewart).

Overall a good issue, but with Peter Tomasi dedicating a whole issue to Kyle’s resurrection only a few issues ago, this felt a little like a repeat of that same trick, only focused on Guy.  Its slightly less satisfying too, as there the combined efforts of the various Lanterns paid off with them able to resurrect Kyle.  Here’s the Lanterns are actually powerless to do anything, until Mogo steps in.

There is some nice character work, with Kyle’s desperation to save Guy echoing Guy’s when Kyle was about to be claimed by the Black Rings, although with the two characters getting split into different books in two issues, I don’t think it really added much to their relationship at this stage.  As I say, you have to wonder if this was all originally planned to happen in one issue, rather than the two we ended up with.  It was still an enjoyable read as I’d expect from Peter Tomasi, and jarred me less than the Parallax stuff, but  there was a definite feeling of repetition to the events here.


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