Green Lantern Corps #46

Now this was a packed issue.  Representing the last entry into Blackest Night for the Green Lantern Corps title, this issue, if anything, felt a little rushed, as a lot was crammed in before the final Blackest Night #8.

The various Lantern Corps in orbit (as seen in the preview) manage to thin out the numbers with a large Tholin Web-style tactic.  The idea that Guy’s a Trekkie adds a nice bit of humour into proceedings, and it provides a great visual with the various Lanterns working together.  However, from there, we delve into the character pieces of the issue, as Guy and Kyle’s situations become mirrored, with Guy facing off against Black Lantern Ice, while Kyle is found by Black Lantern Alex (complete with Black Lantern Fridge).

I must admit, I’m a little torn on the Black Lantern Alex scenes.  At this stage in the storyline “loved one returns as killer zombie” is played out, especially with us having gone through this with Kyle and Jade previously.  Alex also maintains one of those aspects of Kyle’s backstory that’s continually trotted out ever couple of years so he can get over her death again.

That said, I liked the way Tomasi approached it, incorporating the fridge added an over-the-top aspect to the appearance the prevented it becoming too schmaltzy, and by having the fairly trippy sequence where Kyle is sucked into the fridge it also added something new to the regular Black Lantern confrontation.

Guy’s fight against Tora was more straightforward in comparison, although was helped by us knowing that Tora is one of the resurrected Black Lanterns, so we’re left wondering if Guy will somehow manage to free her (as we’ve seen elsewhere).  As it turned out, I was quite surprised by how brutally the confrontation ended up, with Tora frozen, and then left shattered into pieces.

As a Black Lantern, I guess we can assume she reforms shortly after Guy leaves (and maybe we’ll see her catch up to him again in Blackest Night #8) but it was still a surprise as I’d really expected her to be either saved, or disabled in some way (like Green Arrow: frozen, but still intact).  The fact she was actually shattered was what surprised me.

That all alone would probably be enough to fill a regular issue, but not so here.  When last we saw in Blackest Night #7, the Anti Monitor had woken up within the Black Battery.

Here again, we see the series picking up on that plot point from the Titans tie-in, in that Dove is somehow channeling the white light and can disconnect the Black Lanterns.  The (temporary?) solution to the Anti-Monitor may be done quickly, but I loved how it brought together various threads.  We see the various Lanterns working together to hold back the Anti-Monitor.  We get Bedovian’s sniper skills brought into play again (as seen in the Sinestro Corps War), and Dove’s powers are captured by using her as the bullet to shoot the Anti-Monitor.  Its a nice tying together of various bits and pieces, even though the result is the Anti-Monitor back in the battery where he started (it’ll be interesting to see if this gets mentioned at all in Blackest Night #8).

As I say, an enjoyable issue, but it definitely felt like they were trying to do too much here.  Between dealing with the Black Lanterns in orbit, Alex, Ice, and then finally the Anti-Monitor it really felt like this could’ve used a second issue in which to breath.  Granted the storytelling is constrained by having to take place in between the events of Blackest Night #7 and #8, so that’s not really Tomasi’s fault.


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