New Doctor Who Trailer

A new edit of the series Fnarg/1/5/31 trailer appeared on Jonathan Ross tonight.  God it looks so brilliant “One day that’ll work”.

The clip with the library card that led up to that line as well was just fantastic.  I really can’t understate how much I’m looking forward to seeing Smith’s first full series at this point.


And here’s the library clip in nice embedded Youtube.


3 thoughts on “New Doctor Who Trailer

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  1. From what I’ve seen so far, I think I’m definitely going to enjoy his take on the Doctor. Its certainly more evocative of a “classic” Doctor than either Eccleston or Tennant were (not to say that they weren’t obviously still playing the same character, its that “mad professor” element Smith’s got going).

    As is being discussed on Outpost Skaro, Matt seems to be drawing on various elements from across the Doctors. The rambling is very Tennant for example.


  2. Also regarding Hartnell’s face on the library card, what I love about that is that he’s the Doctor most likely to have had one.

    Off the top of my head, only two incarnations have spent an extended time on Earth. Hartnell while Susan was going to the school, and Pertwee while exiled. Since Pertwee would’ve just had any books he needed purchased through UNIT it makes sense that the library card would belong to the first Doctor.


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