New TARDIS Console Room

With the release of the new Radio Times, we’ve gotten our first (and quite a detailed) look at the new console room set for Matt Smith’s Doctor.

There’s plenty of pictures now up on the Radio Times website and I love what we’re seeing.  The console itself has more of a steampunk feel than the organic nature of the Eccleston/Tennant TARDIS which I love (although I’m not completely sure about the look of the central column.  I’ll need to see it onscreen, but in some pictures it looks a little busy for my tastes).

The room as a whole is absolutely beautiful.  I love the flowing nature of it, and for the first time, we’ve got several corridors heading off to other parts of the TARDIS.  In the new series, the TARDIS itself remains largely unexplored, so as a big fan of stories like Logopolis and Castrovalva, I hope this new design indicates we’ll be seeing more rooms and corridors than we have over the last five years.

The room is also huge with a great multilevel design.  The previous console room also had the console on a raised platform, but here that idea is taken further, with it being a more obvious second level to the room, letting us see the underside of the console with all its wires and cables.  It should make for some great scenes where the Doctor’s performing repairs or otherwise tinkering with the TARDIS systems.

Its a cracking set, and I can’t wait to see it properly, in the episode on Saturday.


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  1. This definitely looks like a more Functioning TARDIS than teh Eccleston/Tennant one (Which ahd a knackerd look to it) Its actually quite close to a concept sketch they made for the old one with the more pronounced two level design.


  2. Yeah, I think I’ve seen the sketch you’re referring to.

    I always liked the idea that the TARDIS had taken a kicking in the war, and without the Time Lords, the Doctor had had to make do for parts, hence all the random bits and bobs on the console. No idea if that’s what was intended, but its how I always looked at that console.


  3. I think someone actually said somethinga long those lines, think thats why things like the xtrapolator aquired in Boom Town incorporated into the console. The gist was that the console will adapt tech into istelf. Not sure how that relates to the “Regenerated” console room


  4. Some people were speculating online that when regenerating, the console based its appearance on the local technology, which would explain things like the taps and typewriter.

    That kind’ve works as an extension of the chameleon circuit I think. Removes the idea of the Doctor manually rebuilding things though, which is a bit of a shame.


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