Green Lantern Corps #47

As a counterpoint to Green Lantern, this month’s Green Lantern Corps was very much an epilogue to Blackest Night.  And after an event that big, this worked better for me, allowing the characters to process what’s happened, rather than just moving straight onto the next storylines (helped by the fact that the new creative team isn’t taking over until next month, no doubt).

In true Tomasi style, he manages to work in nice moments for most of the incredibly large cast in this book.   The Kyle and Guy scenes make for a nice backbone, with them reflecting on the recent chaos in the DCU after the central power battery is restored, and then picking over the remains of Warriors bar.  I loved Guy’s exposition as to just how crazy a place the DCU has been recently.   Looking at the timeline, Final Crisis, Flash Rebirth and Blackest Night have all happened within an incredibly short time of one another.

The new tribute to the fallen Lanterns on Mogo made for a nice scene, and raised the issue of Sodam Yat’s status nicely, which led to the great scene with Arisia actually punching out one of the Guardians, in possibly the best moment of the comic.  The Guardians have had more than that coming to them, but to have Guy, Kyle, Arisia face down the Guardians in that way was very satisfying.

Likewise, Kilowog stepping down as the main training sergeant was a good moment.  Obviously, it sets up Kilowog as a sector Lantern ready for the new Emerald Warriors book, but it does also give the sense of recent events having real repercussions for the Corps.  Likewise Salaak shouting down the Guardians.  He’s been their chief agent since the series started, so to have him turn on them carries more power than even the Guy, Kyle and Arisia confrontation.  I’ve said this before, but what happens with the Guardians over the next year or so in the wake of Blackest Night should be very interesting.

There wasn’t much tie-in with the events of Green Lantern, other than a reference to Guardian becoming Green Lantern, but presumably the Guy/Ganthet stuff will be followed up later once GLC splits to form the new Emerald Warriors title).

Overall, I really enjoyed this issue.  With how crazy things have been in the book with the War of Light and Blackest Night, to take the time for an issue to let the characters reflect on what’s happened was really needed.  And given we know that the book is about to split into two separate titles, with Peter Tomasi moving to the new book, and a new creative team coming to GLC, this served as a nice epilogue for not just Blackest Night, but also the GLC title in its current form.


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