Iron Man #27 Preview

IGN once again comes up with the goods, this week in the form of a preview of this week’s Iron Man #27.

I’ve been meaning to blog about the current Iron Man storyline since #25, however a couple of things immediately jump out at me.

Firstly, its nice to see the issue of Pepper being Rescue being addressed.  To be honest, I really enjoyed her stint as an armoured hero during World’s Most Wanted, and her pain when she found out that she had to lose it all to save Tony was a great emotional moment from Matt Fraction.

That said, now Tony’s back, it really makes sense that she’d petition him for a new suit.  Tony’s arguments that he needs her running the company come across as a bit thin (he ran Stark Industries while moonlighting as Iron Man for years), so it’ll be interesting to see how this develops.

Another interesting thing is Tony’s assertion that he’s never made a suit to be primarily a weapon.  Granted Pepper immediately calls him on it with the Hulk Buster, but you just have to look at the cover of the book to see how much Tony’s kidding himself here.

Its also interesting though, as it once again seems like a bit of retconning (or at least, the character kidding himself).  Iron Man #25 for example had Tony playing up repulsor technology as this brilliant keystone power source, as well as telling Thor he’d never built his company up from scratch, and the big show of ditching the military contracts.

All these things work within the context of the story of course, but they also share the fact that they ignore past history.  Tony’s rebuilt his company from scratch several times over the course of the series, be it Stark Enterprises, Stark Solutions or now Stark Resilient (gotta admit, its not the best name he’s come up with either).  Repulsor tech was never that big a deal, and Tony cutting military contracts was a big thing from the get-go after getting caught by that landmine.

These things also have another thing in common.  They’re all big parts of the current movie series.  So its clear that the tail’s wagging the dog to an extent, and that in order to make the comics accessible for the audience who’ve found the character via the movies that these aspects are being brought in.   For the most part, I can happily live with it, and as I say, within the context of these books its well written and works.  But it’d still be nice if it died down a bit now this new direction was in place, and Tony claiming he’s never built the suit as a weapon is straight from the movies and blatant rubbish.   At least, as I say, Tony’s called on it, which does feel a bit like Matt Fraction throwing a bone to the longer-term fans who’re having to ignore continuity a bit for the sake of the movies.  And for that, I’m glad 🙂

And talking of War Machine, I notice aspects of the movie design have crept into his new armour.  No surprise though, and as a fan of the character, its just nice to see him having a recurring role in the books again lately.

Of course, its not like any of this is new.  Spider-Man gaining organic web shooters for example?  And it does make sense to capitalise on the movies in this way.  I can’t complain about that really, but its more just the way its presented with all this movie-based stuff suddenly appearing.

I will say though, fanboy continuity niggles aside, I’ve been very much enjoying this current storyline.  After all the Dark Reign stuff, Matt Fraction is once again showing his solid grasp of Tony’s character, and while its not original, its still always fun to see Tony flexing his mental muscles to rebuild his company.  The inclusion of the Hammer sisters has been interesting so far and yes, while its another way of referencing the movies, Justin Hammer was always a good nemesis for Tony, so its nice to see his daughters being established to give Tony a corporate enemy.  Something he’s not had as often as he maybe should have over the years.

One final niggle however.  I wonder when we’re going to get the new armour properly showcased?  I miss the days when the new suit would show off all its capabilities against Iron Monger or Firepower.  So far we haven’t really seen much of what this suit can do at all.


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  1. I’d have liked a grandstanding debut for teh armour myself, was hoping for it in Siege but I suppose it wouldn’thave made sense.

    Think tehre was some mention of Repulsor Tech in Extremis, so it may have been around since the Scarlet witch hand her “issues” but I’d have prefered to call it Stark tech and just use the term “An Iron Man power unit” or something, rather than repulsor tech, which jsut doesn’t amke sense in Iron man’s wider continuity. Hell call it an Arc reactor.

    With War Machine, to be fair the artist in War Machines last run was using the “Stealth Operations” toy as a model, the cover looks a bit closer to the “Weapon of SHIELD” look, but I wouldn’t object to them using teh movie suit, since we sort of got that last time.


  2. I think the only way it could’ve really worked in Siege would’ve been if Tony had had the suit already built incase he’d had to enact his “if Extremis fails and I have to wipe my memory” plan. Not that that wouldn’t be entirely within character though, but I think its probably right that the new suit debuts in Iron Man itself.

    Agree that the movie influence has been generally visible in War Machine’s look for a bit (its alway the helmet for me. The Iron Man Mk3 from the first movie got used as reference a lot, but strangely only for War Machine). Here though I was meaning the shoulder straps getting added is straight from the new movie (and the red eyes actually). But I do like how they’re more banks of missles on the cover. Adds to the firepower 😀


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