Green Lantern #54

I’ve got to admit, I really loved the opening scene to this issue. Dex-star and Atrocitus in the subway attacking the muggers was a great scene straight out of a horror movie, and its nice to see the Red Lanterns get a bit of focus. They’re a great, creepy variation on the other Corps and remain one of my favourite additions to the GL mythos in recent years.

Strangely then, we cut back to events seen in Brightest Day. Personally, I found these pages a bit annoying as they completely retreaded events from that book, not really adding anything, and the use of big splash pages to retell something that happened last week felt a bit like a waste. I appreciate that there’ll be people reading Green Lantern who are not reading Brightest Day, but I can’t help but think this could’ve been tackled differently so as to try and give the Brightest Day readers something as well. It’ll be interesting to see if this becomes a common issue as the story of the white lantern develops in both books, or if the storylines will diverge.

However, with that done, the larger GL-centric mystery from last issue of the mysterious figure collecting entities is brought back to the fore, nicely picking up on a major plot strand from Green Lantern Corps.  In that book, Sodam Yat had been forced to use the Ion power to transform Daxam’s red sun to yellow in order to allow his people to defeat the Sinestro Corps.   I’ve been waiting to see how this plot would play out (and had assumed it would form part of Blackest Night) so its nice to see it picked up.  Like the Mongul plot though, it also feels a bit of a shame that its resolved in a different book, and quite quickly.  For those reading Green Lantern and not Corps, Sodam’s situation with Daxam must’ve been quite puzzling.

There is though, the nice feeling of comeuppance.  The Daxamites have been portrayed as hugely xenophobic.  Murderously so, so to have them stripped quite brutally of their powers, as Ion is removed from Sodam and the sun turned red once again at least gives some resolution to that storyline.  There’s the niggling feeling that the super-powered Daxamites would’ve allowed for an interesting storyarc over in GLC, however I guess that’d be treading a lot of ground that the Superman books have recently covered with their big New Krypton storyline.

Very interesting is the insight we get into this mysterious figure.  We now know that despite the chains, they are not bound to Ysmault so may not be a prisoner in the strict sense I would’ve imagined based on last issue.  We can also now definitely see that they’re small of stature, which immediately suggests its a rogue Guardian.   Appa Ali Apsa leaps immediately to mind.  Of course, he appeared dead at the end of The Road Back, but that could be changed quite easily (and probably less dramatically than some of the retcons we’ve seen over the last few years).   The figure also displays a sense of justice in regards to the xenophobic Daxamites being stripped of their powers, and seems to almost care for Sodam and his sacrifice.  This could certainly point to it being a Guardian.  Why exactly they’re collecting the entities remains a mystery, but I would assume this is going to allow Sodam Yat to return in Peter Tomasi’s new Emerald Warriors book (since that’s the title featuring Arisia).

Overall though another good issue.  There’s still a strong feeling of a shared universe  and storyline between the GL books, with the GLC crossovers lately (Daxamites here, and the reprise of the Guy, Ganthet and Atrocitus scene in GLC) but both books are doing this while still building their own distinct storylines.    The white Lantern stuff I wasn’t sure about, and may be better left to Brightest Day, but the central mystery of the entities on Earth is strong, and it’ll be interesting to see how the team up with Atrocitus goes next month.

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