First Look at the Movie GL

And so we have our first look at Ryan Reynolds in the much-publicised CGI Green Lantern costume.

I have to admit, my gut reaction is that I’m not sure.  Admittedly, this is only a static, partial shot on a magazine cover, so of course this could all change when we get our first proper footage, but to be honest, I’ve never really understood why they felt the costume had to be all CG in the first place.  It just sounds needlessly expensive to me, versus making a physical suit.

Heck, they made physical Iron Man armour for those  movies and there’s probably a stronger argument for them being CGI-only.

Having said all that, the CGI should help underline that the costume is a ring construct, which could make for interesting visuals.

As for the costume in this picture, I’m really not sure.  Its instantly recognisable, but I’m not sure about the energy lines which cover the suit (although again, in motion they may help play with the fact the suit is a construct itself).  The mask also brings more to mind Parallax than Hal Jordan, but that’s just being a fanboy.  To be honest, its hard to really tell from this one picture.

So overall, not sure, but I’ll wait until we see proper footage.  That’s usually where movie costumes shine when under proper lighting and the like.


4 thoughts on “First Look at the Movie GL

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  1. If they change the mask, I give it much higher chances of looking good.
    I’m still iffy about Green Lantern entering the movie medium, if it blows, the mainstream world will go from a vague reference of the character from the Superfriends to the recent memory of a shitty movie.

    I really hope they follow canon to a respectable level. You don’t need to copy canon exactly to make it good, Geoff proved that conclusively. As long as they don’t do what Final Flight did with Sinestro’s ‘yellow power’ thing..


  2. Final Flight did well with the story I think, it was just the yellow and green rocks that didn’t really work. The basic “Training Day in Space” thing worked really well.

    For the big screen though, I personally suspect the film would be better to stay more grounded on Earth. It definitely can work, but balancing the Earth-bound stuff and the space cop angle will be tricky in a way that can make the film a success.

    I guess we just have to look to the recent Star Trek film. Chris Pine’s Kirk was along the lines of how a big screen Hal could work. Ryan Reynolds can certainly pull off the role, of that I’ve got no doubt, but there’s going to be a lot riding on having a good script to carry this off.


  3. Yellow and Green Elements! That was it, I was trying to remember. That didn’t work for me, I much preferred the Geoff explanation.

    We supposedly have a Bomber jacket wearing Hal, so that’s good. =]


  4. Yeah, the pictures of Reynolds dressed just as Hal do look great. I’m eagerly awaiting the first teaser trailers for this so we can get a glimpse of what to expect.


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