Green Lantern Corps #50

Bit of an odd issue from GLC this month.  Not a bad issue by any means, as it explores what’s happened to the Cyborg Superman since we last saw him, however for the 50th issue, it doesn’t really feel like much of an event.  I guess the timing is unfortunate, coming so soon after Blackest Night.  I recall I wasn’t particularly fussed about GL #50 either, which came halfway through the event, so maybe it was a deliberate decision to play down the 50th issue for the sake of not rushing the ongoing story?

Regardless, the action continues on from last month, with John about to be converted into an Alpha Lantern, while Kyle and co arrive to rescue him.  As part of the conversion, John’s mind is linked to Cyborg Superman’s, and it neatly allows Tony Bedard to fill the gaps of what he’s been up to since we saw his skull rescued by the Manhunters at the end of the Sinestro Corps War.

Of course, Cyborg Superman’s big motivation these days is his own death, so Blackest Night was a pretty big deal for him.  Seeing his reaction to it, including how his Cyborg body meant the Black Lanterns and Necron completely ignored him was a nice scene.

What happens next was interesting, as it throws another wrinkle into the ongoing Green Lantern storyline, as we see the mysterious figure from that book now has the Manhunters under his control (in exchange for pointing Cyborg Superman at the Alpha Lanterns).  Cyborg Superman also straight out mentions that Ganthet knows the figure.  Really at this point, if that figure isn’t a renegade Guardian I’ll be shocked.  Given what we’ve seen of the figure so far, I really have to wonder if this Guardian wasn’t directly involved with the Manhunters in some way.  We first saw him/her in sector 666, and now they’ve claimed the Manhunters for their own.  I have to assume its all linked to that massacre.

In some ways, this issue does suffer.  Its very much the middle of the story, so aside from the Cyborg Superman/manacled figure scenes, there’s not many other big moments here. But the story has moved along nicely, and John is now free to team up with Kyle and Soranik to rescue Ganthet and somehow solve this whole mess.  And I really have to wonder whether or not the Alpha Lanterns will be returned to normal after all this, or if we’ll just see their original personalities restored, overriding both the Alpha Lantern and Cyborg Superman programming.


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