Emerald Warriors #1

Last week’s big new release for me, was undoubtedly the new ongoing Green Lantern monthly: Emerald Warriors.

This is an interesting title.  When first announced, it appeared it was going to be a Guy Gardner monthly, and indeed this first issue does come across a bit like that, with Guy taking centre stage.   However, what actually is happening is more GLC being split into two books, with Peter Tomasi taking Guy and various key members of the cast over to this new book while Tony Bedard continues with the rest of the cast.

Its interesting though, as this book really comes across more as a direct continuation of Tomasi’s GLC run rather than a new book.  Guy is the main focus for this book, but other central characters of Peter Tomasi’s GLC run are to appear.  We’ve already seen Sodam Yat in this first issue, and Kilowog and Arisia are promised (presumably as Guy puts together his new team).  To be honest, out of the two books, arguably GLC comes across as the newer title, with the new team of Kyle, Ganthet and John headlining.  However, Peter Tomasi is undoubtedly the bigger name in DC, and out of the GLs, it makes most sense for Guy to get the new book, so I understand why things worked out this way.

None of which has anything to do with events in this book.  So onto them 🙂

Mainly, the book is setup for the direction for this series.  To help differentiate it from the main GLC book, the focus is obviously going to be on the unknown sectors.  Guy’s noticed increasing issues with criminals using the unknown sectors, as they’re outside GLC jurisdiction, so he goes to the Guardians and proposes putting together a team that’ll be proactive about dealing with issues arising from those sectors.

Obviously, this’ll form the basis for this group of characters being separated from the main base on Oa, with characters we know will be focused on, like Kilowog and Arisia being amongst Guy’s recruits.   Presumably Sodam Yat will be joining up as well, since we see him on Daxam, and Tomasi spent some time investing in his and Arisia’s relationship during his run on GLC.

The unknown sectors thing I find slightly odd, as it seems to be at odds with what we know about the corps.  The entire galaxy is supposed to be divided into the 3600 sectors, so how come there are now these “unknown” sectors?  Granted, they offer up interesting story possibilities, placing the GLs in unknown environments, where no one knows or cares who the Green Lanterns are, but I just find it a bit odd these have just suddenly appeared.   I guess in New Earth continuity, the Green Lanterns only patrol a certain percentage of the galaxy (or I’ve misunderstood how things stood in the past).

The other main focus of this issue that gets brought up, is Guy’s deal with Ganthet and Atrocitus.  He’s clearly not happy with Atrocitus being involved, and having a team out in the unknown sectors is a part of their plan, whatever it is.  I guess its going to give Guy his own team who are operating outwith the Guardians influence in some way, which would explain him surrounding himself with experienced Lanterns who are his closest friends on Oa.  I definitely remain interested to see exactly what the nature of this deal turns out to be, and if there’s a reason given why Ganthet would go too Guy rather than Hal or Kyle (who he’s traditionally been closer to).

Finally, there’s the ending in the unknown sectors, where we see a pair of Green Lanterns, bringing in people they’ve caught to “Salaak”.  Except its not Salaak, and wherever they are, its not Oa.  Now, I’m unsure if this is a new enemy who appears to be controlling these Green Lanterns, but it does look a little like Bolphunga.  Again, I’ll be interested to see where this is going, however my only issue is that this “evil GLC” style story is currently going on in GLC with the Alpha Lanterns revolting.  It feels a little too familiar, however hopefully this new (?) enemy will spice things up once the story gets rolling.


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  1. Not quite as misinformed as I am then, as I believed (I’m sure it was described this way at the beginning of Rebirth, which is extremely recent) that it was the entire universe the Guardians had split into 3600 sectors, especially since they are known as the Guardians of the Universe, and not the Guardians of the Galaxy (which also prevents Copyright infringement! xD)

    Not only that, but in the issue (can’t remember which) that was collected into the Tales of the Sinestro Corps trade paperback, that details all the different Corps, there was a diagram of the way the 3600 sectors were divided. The diagram was essentially a Terry’s Chocolate Orange with all sectors meeting at the centre, allowing for Oa to actually coexist within all 3600 Sectors.

    I’d never imagined it this way, so the diagram for the new GL Corps setup was very illuminating, and I found the system to be pretty cool. The Vega system made this a little.. odd, but still mostly plausible. Then 666 again made it worse, the idea that these sectors are kept out of bounds is far more plausible when they’re a good distance away from Oa, not just a wrong turn into the wrong sector from there. Since the areas of space grow outwards, crossing sectors when leaving Oa’s system could easily be common place.

    I liked this issue too, the ending plot tease did seem a little tried and tested to me, but as long as they keep the characterization strong and the artwork good, I’ll enjoy it.

    On an unrelated note, it’s good to see you posting again. I’ve missed reading your reviews. Look after yourself, Alan.


  2. Thanks, that’s really appreciated 🙂

    Real life has been getting in the way of my output a bit lately, but I’m hoping to at least try and get in a couple of posts a week on average. I’m also going to start doing reviews for Outpost Skaro, so I’ll be sure put links up here for anything that gets published over there. Hopefully they’ll be worth checking out 🙂

    As for the sectors, I agree. The “chocolate orange” approach is a tempting one to take when designing a map, but it doesn’t really work dramatically since, as you say, a lot of these sectors give an impression of being some distance from Oa.

    The idea that you could take off from Oa at the slightly wrong angle, and end up in a restricted sector doesn’t entirely seem to fit with the way the sectors have been otherwise presented. For example, while the Vega System was off-limits, what about its border with Oa? It makes more sense to assume that sectors form layers as you head out from Oa, with these new, unexplored sectors being right on the fringe of the galaxy.

    That being said, I’m looking forward to seeing the GLs deal with sectors where they’re otherwise unknown. The GLC has been so long established in the main DCU, that everyone knows who/what a GL is the minute they turn up. It’ll be nice to see them with that kind of backup and reputation removed (something I always thought was a bit of a missed opportunity during Kyle’s run. It only really came up in the New Corps stories.)


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