Doctor Who Adventure Games 3: TARDIS

Recently I was made part of the staff on Doctor Who fansite, Outpost Skaro.  As a result, one of the things I’ll be doing on the site is posting up reviews from time-to-time of various Doctor Who and sci-fi bits and pieces (so largely what I do here, but with probably less Green Lantern).

So in the spirit of shameless self-promotion, and for any of my readers who care, I’ll make sure I post links up here to any Skaro reviews I do.

First up is the latest installment in the Doctor Who Adventure Games series: TARDIS, now available for free from the BBC website.

Read the review on Outpost Skaro.

5 thoughts on “Doctor Who Adventure Games 3: TARDIS

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  1. In fairness, I don’t expect the stuff for Skaro to affect my blogging too much. Largely they’ll be separate reviews, as there’s no real comics stuff on the site (although there is a fairly healthy DC Comics discussion thread with some good people in it), and a lot of the new Doctor Who reviews are already the domain of the existing staff.

    The only thing I may end up reviewing that readers on my blog may find interesting is some Big Finish stuff, which I’ve not really mentioned much on my blog, but I do love their plays.


  2. Good to hear. Please don’t hesitate to continue posting links to new Outpost Skaro reviews or posts you’ve made there, I’ll enjoy reading them.

    I’ve decided to start using my full pen name in my comments, as opposed to my generic first name. x]


  3. Still my generic first name here, although in fairness its not like my fullname is the biggest secret on the internet 🙂

    It’ll be interesting to see what other reviews I get for Skaro. I’ve got one coming up that I’ve done a bit of work on which should be good.


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