Green Lantern #57

The hunt for the entities continues, as the focus of the book switches to the Star Sapphires and leads them to Las Vegas in search of the Predator.

I’ve made comments in the past that these days Hal seems to be a guest star in his own book, and this issue is very much no exception with Carol taking centre stage.

Which is not to say though, that this was a bad issue. In fact I enjoyed it more than some of the other recent issues and it was nice to see the dangling plot thread of the destroyed Sapphire battery picked up.

The resolution of the Star Sapphires’ power woes also made a lot of sense, neatly using an established bit of the Green Lantern mythology to explain why they don’t need a new power source for the battery to function.

In fact the only downside to this issue was the non-resolution of last month’s cliffhanger. Ophidian/Hector takes off to find Carol in Las Vegas, however the rest of the issue is spent there and Ophidian never shows up, even after Hal and Larfleeze get there. I have to assume there’s a missing page somewhere where the mysterious chained figure grabbed him (in which case, what happened to Hector?). Hopefully we’ll see what happened to them next month.

The main plot for the issue though is Carol, having been sent to Vegas in order to track and capture the Predator as a replacement power source for the Zamaron battery.

And it was nice to see Carol spotlighted like this. Previously I’ve always just seen her as “Hal’s love interest”, however her current role as a Star Sapphire is making her a much stronger character for me, especially since its very much Carol with the powers as opposed to how Star Sapphire always used to be a separate personality possessing her.

The actual threat of the Predator is fairly straightforward, as it joins with a creepy stalker dude, and Carol, Hal and Larfleeze must then try and separate them.  More interesting is the revelation that the Predator is actually affected by its host, rather than the other way around.  It seems like an interesting extension of the emotional spectrum that we’ve seen so far.

We know that the farther you get from the centre of the spectrum, the more influence the power exerts over its wielder, so that by the time you get to the Red Lanterns or the Sapphires, the power can be very corrupting (with only Carol and Atrocitus seeming to maintain proper control over it).  This revelation about the entities would seem to be similar to this.  We know that the yellow and orange entities can overwhelm their hosts (Parallax is well-documented, and Ophidian was speaking through Hector at the beginning of the issue), whereas Ion seems very neutral by comparison, just boosting its host’s power.    I wonder if we’ll see this trend continue with the Red Entity dominating its host, with the Indigo and Blue entities showing traits of being influenced by theirs, making a chain of influence, with it balanced in the middle of the spectrum with Ion.

Maybe that’s not entirely right, but I do wonder if we’ll see something analogous to the spectrum influence with the entities.

Overall, while this book still feels more like its “The Corps” rather than “Green Lantern”, this was still a nice showcase for Carol and the Star Sapphires.  The ending with Carol (once again) being made Queen of the Zamarrons will be interesting, although I suspect next issue will move quickly on to the next entity.  Hopefully we’ll get a similar showcase for the Blue Lanterns in the coming issues, as they feel like they’ve been woefully neglected since their first appearance.


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