Emerald Warriors #2

With the last issue establishing Guy’s quest to explore the uncharted sectors, this issue gets the job of moving the other pieces into play, so we get quite a few character moments with our other regulars.

The plot surrounding Sodam Yat is picked up pretty quickly, with Arisia having nightmares about having left him in the Daxam sun.  Of course, we saw last issue that he’s now on Daxam itself, but this does nicely set up the team heading over there to find him in the next issue or so.

Likewise, we get a nice scene with Kilowog as he’s approached by a new rookie Lantern, and ends up being chewed out by Kilowog, who’s still suffering from Blackest Night, and seeing so many of the rookies he’s trained die over the years (and then come back to haunt him).   Its a nice scene giving us a view of where Kilowog is at, and while long time readers will know this is why he stepped down, however as this is a new book, its important to introduce these things for any new readers.

It also nicely sets out how the various characters are wanting to get away from Oa, and how the group would relish the chance to head out on their own to the uncharted sectors.  About the only recent character point not touched upon was Arisia losing confidence in the Guardians for their actions with Sodam, the Alpha Lanterns and the like.

What was very welcome for me, was Guy’s decision to go to Odym first to be cured of his Red Lantern infection.  Its nice to see this addressed so directly and quickly, and we’ve seen so little of the Blue Lanterns that it was nice to check in on their homeworld.  I assume we’ll not get the more detailed questions addressed (who’s running them now Ganthet and Syad have switched Corps?) but its still nice to just see them again.  Bleez’s appearance at the end may have been prompted by the cover image, but it’ll be nice to see what reason will be given for Guy not having the Blue Lanterns just cure them both on the spot (I’m going to guess it’ll be a condition set out by Atrocitus for his part in the secret plan).

Talking of which, we get another scene of Guy wondering about this mysterious plan he, Ganthet and Atrocitus have, and how the others will react to what he’s going to do.  I must admit, this plot makes me slightly nervous as I really have no idea what they could be planning that Hal, John and Kyle could have massive issues with.  I guess time will tell as this particular plot gets revealed.

The new villain properly gets his debut this issue, and seems suitably horrific.  Its nice to have it cleared up that this is a new character, as last month’s tease left some people wondering if he was Bolphunga.  It’ll be interesting to see how Peter Tomasi develops this character.  He’s done good work in the past with intergalactic warlords in the shape of Mongul, so I expect we’ll see this new character built up as a sizable threat in a similar way.

All in all, its difficult to review this issue too heavily, as we’re still very much in a setup phase that Peter Tomasi is taking his time with, reintroducing the core cast and the new villain.  There’s an argument that you could assume anyone reading the book is already aware of plot and character developments from GL and GLC, but I guess coming off of Blackest Night, it does make sense to assume a new GL book might have some new readers.

With Bleez turning up, next month we’ll hopefully finish off this setup phase, and head off to Daxam to pick up Sodam Yat as well.  I don’t mind setup, but I don’t think I’ll want to see it dragged out too long, so hopefully the GLs will actually get to the unknown sectors in a couple of issues.


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