War of the Green Lanterns

The word coming out of recent conventions is that 2011 will be “The Year of Green Lantern”. So basically the same as the last few years for DC 😉

This all revolves around the Green Lantern event they’ve been teasing. War of the Green Lanterns. Its been hinted at in Emerald Warriors that Guy is doing something that the others may not be too happy about as part of the secret pact between him, Ganthet and Atrocitus. This is going to kick off next year and see the four Earth Lanterns pitted against one another.

From a dramatic perspective I guess it makes sense. DC have been playing the “Four Musketeers” line since Rebirth, so splitting that group is an obvious direction to explore.

It does however give me some concerns. Firstly, while pitting them against each other makes sense dramatically, I suspect it’d work better if we’d seen Hal, Guy etc as more of a team. But they’ve not really worked together since the Sinestro Corps War. Hal’s been almost completely isolated and John’s been almost non-existant until recently. So from that point of view it feels like only Kyle and Guy have had enough of a relationship over the last few years for this to properly carry weight.

However there’s also the issue of fandom. Lord knows, ever since Emerald Twilight Green Lantern fandom has been consumed by Hal versus Kyle arguments. So if the idea is to split the group and have the Earth Lanterns on opposing sides you either risk adding fuel to that fire, or (and I suspect this may be more likely) Hal and Kyle will remain on the same side throughout this story.

That in itself would raise questions though. Certainly Kyle’s always been faithful to the Corps, spending a fair amount of time during his run looking up to them and he’s been based on Oa since the Ion series ended. But then, he’s been Guy’s partner for the last few years, has been in the middle of the Guardian’s bad decisions since Sinestro Corps Wars and was close friends with Ganthet, so in that case I’m intrigued by what events could set Kyle against them (as Guy’s been saying). Although granted, since Guy’s talking about killing Sodam Yat (even though we know he ultimately won’t), that wouldn’t win him any favours.

Hal on the other hand? He’s made a career out of defying the Corps and the Guardians. His whole thing is that he’s about the best Green Lantern you can get while also being a loose cannon. Also, like Kyle, he’s also got plenty of reasons to trust Ganthet over the other Guardians, so again the question becomes: What are Ganthet and Guy up to that’s so bad the others would side against them? And what will John’s reaction be? I have to assume he would end up siding with Hal and Kyle if neither of them are likely to side with Guy.

This has the potential to be a pretty interesting storyline, but I’m really not sure how its going to work placing the Earth Lanterns up against one another.  I suspect despite the title, we’ll see very little of the Earth Lanterns fighting amongst one another as it strikes me as something that could just end up alienating parts of the audience, unless there’s something else going on.

That being said, with the main Green Lantern title feeling a bit consumed by every other type of Lantern these days, it’ll be nice to see the Corps itself becoming the focus of attention again across all the books.  I’m also hoping the format will be more like the Sinestro Corps War, with maybe a special to kick things off, before crossing over between the books for a couple of months.  That format worked pretty well for me.

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