Green Lantern Trailer

And so, the first proper trailer for the new Green Lantern film is out 🙂

I think I’d best describe my reaction as “cautiously hopeful”.  In honest, I think a lot of the CGI isn’t entirely working for me, but then, like all trailers, this will be based on unfinished effects, so I’d expect them to be sharpened up a bit prior to release, but at the moment I think aspects look a little cartoony.

As trailers go, it introduces everything well.  Hal’s quickly established as the hotshot fighter pilot, before things switch to the more outlandish intergalactic worlds of the Green Lanterns.  Ryan Reynolds still stands out as a great piece of casting, and I think if they manage to hit the “Iron Man meets Star Wars” vibe dead on, it could work very well.

My only reservation is that I don’t quite get that “Oh wow, this is going to rock!” vibe that the early Iron Man trailers gave me.  Although admittedly, that could easily be because I’m more invested in Green Lantern than I was in Iron Man at the time, so as a fanboy, I’m going to be harder to please, but I just don’t get that same “they’ve nailed it” feeling.  I still think the intergalactic craziness will make this a harder sell to the general audience than Iron Man’s (and Batman’s) more grounded adventures.

That said, there’s obviously a lot of attention to detail going into things here.  The brief glimpses of Oa and various familiar Lanterns (Tomar Re, Kilowog, Sinestro) look great, and the cast as a whole looks well put together.  And I loved the quick shot of Hal knocking down those guys with the green fist.  Hopefully we’ll see a lot of great ring constructs in the film.

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  1. Yeah, I was kind of a little underwhealmed, as you say, it just didn’t ahve the wow factor of Iron Man’s trailer (And as someone oppositely invested as you were to Iron Man at the time its porbably not that) I think the most I had was Oh cool, Killowog, someone said it looked a bit TV movie, I hope thats just because of the unfinished effects.


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