Green Lantern #60

After all these months, the identity of the mysterious, cloaked figure that’s been masterminding threats across the Green Lantern books is finally revealed in the new issue of Green Lantern, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Lets get the big revelation out of the way.  Largely because I’m tired of referring to the “mysterious, cloaked figure”.  Its Krona, the rogue Maltusian scientist who attempted to learn the forbidden secrets of the universe and unleashed entropy.  An act that drove the Maltusians to eventually become the Guardians of the Universe.

Krona’s since returned numerous times, being a galactic-level threat in the DCU, when he’s involved, things are bad.  He was last seen in Trinity, although the way that series resolved would raise questions about how he’s come back.  Its possibly just being ignored.  There’s also Krona’s unfortunate shrinking.  Having used “Maltusian Evolution Tapestries” (a horrible line to justify his bandaged appearance) to repair his body, he appears to have shrunk down and taken on the form of a Guardian.   Its a move that sort of makes sense, given his link to them, to have him more directly appear as an evil Guardian, but on the other hand, Krona’s such a strong, established villain that changing him in this way does feel a little odd.  It does seem like Geoff Johns has made the decision to re-establish Krona as an “evil Guardian” and avoid (but perhaps not ignore) his actual history as a Maltusian (if that’s the right term).

There’s no explanations for the manacles either, but I imagine they’ll get to that next month when Krona no doubt fills us in on his dastardly scheme 🙂

Of course, regardless of how he looks, the reveal of Krona does work well.  He’s a long-time Green Lantern threat with a solid connection to the Guardians.  Here he claims to have been the original keeper of the entities, and that might tie in with a mystery that’s lingered since the Agent Orange plotline.  We knew that someone other than Larfleeze had created the Orange battery and temple, and at the time many speculated that it might have been Krona.  The reveal of Krona being the one going after the entities makes perfect sense, since its believable he’d have known of their existence while he was on Maltus.  He’s old enough, and was a scientist.

And now using Parallax, he’s lured out Adara and Proselyte meaning he’s now collected more than half of the entities (and may soon have Ophidian as well, since we know he was contacting Hector Hammond previously).  I’m hoping the New Guardians arc isn’t going to now quickly resolve this threat, and I’m assuming Krona and his capture of the entities will be a key threat in War of the Green Lanterns.

The only other main thing that leapt out at me from the issue was the Hal/Flash-Parallax battle.  It rattled along quite quickly, but the only moment that seemed a bit strange was when Hal challenged Parallax to repossess him and free Barry.  There’s an implication in the scene that Parallax may be in some way afraid of Hal, being the host that not only escaped him (ignoring the Spectre’s help), but who also freed Kyle.  I guess it sort of makes sense, but given that Parallax is supposed to be fear manifest, the idea that he’d be scared of one lone Green Lantern would seem to weaken the character to me.  Krona does also point out that Parallax wouldn’t be able to control Hal anyway, as Hal’s resistant to his influence, having been possessed previously, so I have to wonder if the same would be true of Kyle.  Its just a little moment that starts to lean towards “look how awesome Hal is”, that I’m always wary about as it always strikes me as forcing Hal into the position of being the “coolest” of the Earth Green Lanterns.

Regardless, I’m really, really hoping once this is done, we don’t see any of these entities again for a good while.  Parallax in particular, I make no bones about being bored of, and he’s lost a lot of the menace he previously had through his last few appearances.

Moaning aside, much like last issue I was pretty happy with events as this New Guardian story finally moved to a conclusion. And I really loved the little tie in to GLC with Sinestro getting the call about Kyle and the Weaponer. I do like those little connections between the books.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with Krona next month. I’ve maybe not been keen on the drawn out structure of this story (although individual parts have been good) but seeing how its all going to play into War of the Green Lanterns, and next month’s inevitable focus on Krona should be interesting. If nothing else, Geoff usually excels at issues focusing on the villains.

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