Green Lantern Catch Up

My blogging has fallen way behind its normal levels lately, so I thought a quick “catch all” Green Lantern post might be an idea.

I guess a big part of my problem at the moment is with Green Lantern.  I previously relied on it for a lot of my comics blogging, but the truth is that in general, I felt that 2010 wasn’t a great year for Green Lantern.  Despite the success of Blackest Night (although that was really more a DCU event rather than a GL one) and the launch of a third monthly series, I’ve honestly believed that most of the Green Lantern titles have been in a holding pattern since.  Emerald Warriors’ first 6 issues have felt incredibly dragged out, and the main Green Lantern title has been stuck in an other Corps/Entities loop for most of the last year, with the only real highlight being the Carol/Predator stuff.  This culminated in the latest issue which, despite the big reveal of Krona the previous issue, completely sidetracked into a Red Lantern story and didn’t feature Hal at all.

I genuinely feel that both those books have been biding time for a few months, waiting on everything lining up for War of the Green Lanterns, and possibly not helped by both writers spearheading Brightest Day.  Its a real disappointment and surprise, given how much I usually love Peter Tomasi’s writing, and I can’t help but worry about Geoff John’s recent “everything has to be epic story arcs” view, that I could easily blame for this current situation.   I kind’ve miss the days when Green Lantern told 3 issue storylines that would eventually build into something bigger, such as Rage of the Red Lanterns leading into Agent Orange, both of which laid groundwork for the war of light.  Both their own storylines, but with elements that carried over without feeling like one long meandering storyline, such as the New Guardians has now become.

To be fair, there have been elements of the stories that I really like.  I mentioned the Zamarron/Predator stuff before for example, its more the overarching structure that feels stretched out, with the constant reveals of entities just feeling repetitive by this point.  Emerald Warriors has had a few nice moments as well, but still feels like its setting up something bigger, rather than just telling its own story, even six issues into it.

Currently the only Green Lantern title I would say I’m still definitely enjoying every month is Green Lantern Corps.  While there’s still questionable aspects to the book (I’m not entirely convinced about Tony Bedard’s grasp of the character’s backstories, meaning they sometimes come across as if he’s quickly checked wikipedia on who they are, although that should improve the longer he’s on the book), the fact that it has stuck to shorter storylines rather than having one protracted storyline I feel has been a real benefit to the book, and I do like the revamped cast Bedard is using  with Hanu and John Stewart.

For me, a lot is currently riding on the pay off for these storylines in War of the Green Lanterns, but as I’ve blogged before, I have my concerns about that storyline as well.  Especially from what we’ve seen of the setup thus far.  Both Ganthet and Guy have revealed details of their secret pact with Atrocitus, but I’m still at a loss as to Guy’s motivation.  He had the vision warning him of future events, and went to Ganthet.  Fair enough, Ganthet’s often been shown to be the most trustworthy of the Guardians.  But I really don’t understand why Guy kept it all so secret.  His lingering Red Lantern infection is known to anyone who was on Mogo at the time (Kyle, Kilowog etc), and for Guy to not warn at least Kyle would seem to fly in the face of their friendship that has been established in GLC.   I worry that these various conflicts are being forced rather than making sense.  Even Guy and Hal aren’t the bitter rivals they once were, although the fact Guy worked with Atrocitus could be enough to put him at odds with Hal, who has been seeing Atrocitus run loose on Earth these last few months.

I’m genuinely hoping that War of the Green Lanterns turns things around, or at least, once its over the new direction in each book pulls me back in again, but as it is, I find it hard to try and talk about most of the Green Lantern books every month, when so little seems to be actually moving forward.   As things stand, I could easily see me dropping down to just buying Green Lantern Corps unless things pick up.  Despite what a big property Green Lantern is to DC Comics at the moment, I can’t help but think there’s many other titles blowing it out of the water, notably the revamped Batman franchise, and Johns’ own relaunched Flash title, due to get a lot of attention over the following months as Flashpoint kicks off.


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