STO One Year Anniversary Event

The One Year Anniversary event is now live in Star Trek Online, and its great fun.   Q has appeared in both Earth Space Dock and Qo’nos and has decided its time for a party 🙂

For both factions, Q offers a couple of events.  The main one being a Star Trek trivia quiz.  Get five questions right, and he’ll reward you with an exclusive party popper device and an 8 hour XP boost.  However if you get any wrong, he’ll transform you as punishment into any one of a number of creatures, including Undine (Species 8472), a Sehlat or even a Horta.  Get transformed five times, and you’ll at least be rewarded with an accolade though, so its not all bad 🙂

Q also offers up a new daily mission, in which he invites you to go play in the Fountain by Admiral Quinn’s office.  Do this, and you’ll be rewarded with a variety of items, which can be anything from a common food item, to exclusive unlocks like pets or bridge officers.  Its an incredibly generous mission, although sadly has been since revealed to be open to exploiting, as the rewards are taken from a pool shared amongst the players.

However, even with all this, Q’s not quite finished, bringing in possibly the biggest thing in this anniversary event.  Basically he decided that Earth Space Dock was too drab and boring (perhaps a bit of meta-commentary from the dev team there)?  So he’s decided to change it back to the older (and more recognisable) space dock.

Its been no secret that dstahl, the lead developer had been championing the original space dock, and that it was being brought into the game.  For the last few weeks, sneak peaks of the new interior were released on the Tribble test server, but to finally see the finished work is just breath-taking.  Its not just a matter of restoring the old Space Dock.  There’s a lot of love and attention gone into its design in the game, aided by the fact that it is so recognisable, that you can’t help grinning when you see it.

I love the way they’ve tweaking docking as well.  As before, once you’re in range you can trigger the docking button and you’ll automatically load into the interior, however as a really nice touch, with the new space dock, you can instead fly up to the doors, which will open up revealing the interior.  Just as you’re about to cross the threshold it loads as before, but the end result does give you more of a “flying in to dock” feeling.

The revamped interior remains a lot in common with the previous layout, but most of the rooms have been updated to at least some degree.  The most notable being Admiral Quinn’s new office, which is now in the same instance as the rest of the interior, so you can just walk into it without loading screens, and the new design seems much more detailed than his old office.    Club 47 has received a major facelift as well, now being much more of a club than just a bar, with a dance floor and DJ present for social events.

The highpoint has to be the ship requisitions room though, which now looks on into the interior of the space dock itself, so as you exit the turbolift, you’re immediately grabbed by the view across the docking bay, currently dominated by a Galaxy class starship parked right beside the requistions room.  The great thing is that the devs are planning periodic tweaks to this room to keep that interior changing.  For example, for its live release there’s now an Excelsior class ship also docked, which wasn’t present in the Tribble testing version.

And for the duration of the event, the developers have also decorated this new interior with one year anniversary holograms, which really add to the feel of the celebration and make the release of this new space dock feel that bit more special.

The final thing that’s been added to the game (via a C-Store purchase), is the Delta Flyer, the famous shuttlecraft from Voyager.  The developers have big plans for shuttles in the new weekly missions that are due to start on Saturday, so have been revamping them a little, with the existing runabouts getting tweaked, and the Delta Flyer and a basic Mk 8 shuttle being added to the game.  But as well as being a premier shuttle, the Delta Flyer also comes with a bonus device that you can keep in your inventory which will launch a Delta Flyer shuttle pet from your starship.  Very cool, and a nice unexpected extra 🙂

But wait, there’s even more 🙂  The first of the new “remastered” missions has also been released.  Stranded in Space, the first mission you do after the tutorial has been completely reworked using new technology that was developed during the weekly missions and while I enjoyed the original version of the mission, this new revamp with its level scaling, optional objects based on class and cut scenes is really superb.  I can’t wait to see what future remastered missions end up looking like.  And there’s also the release of the first five Foundry missions onto the live server.  While the Foundry itself has been delayed while more work is done on it, the developer team decided to take some of the real fan-favourite user-created missions and put them on the live server as a demo of what’s possible using the toolset.  I’ve played a couple of them on Tribble and they were excellent, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the other missions are like.  Especially as one of them has been designed for the Klingon faction.

Overall, I’m loving this event.  I only had a very brief time in it last night, so tonight I’m hoping to invest more time in exploring everything properly, and making sure all four of my current characters take full advantage of Q’s prescence, the various items you can get from his missions and all the new missions.


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