Captain America Trailer

It maybe seems odd, since I’ve long been a big Green Lantern fan, but the superhero movie that currently has me most excited this year is actually Marvel’s upcoming Captain America.

I think amongst other things, its the fact that they’ve made it a World War 2 film.  This helps it stand out amongst all the modern world-set superhero films we’ve had over the last several years.  Its also got a good cast with Chris Evans in his second Marvel superhero role and Hugo Weaving who’s always reliable as a villain.

While the Merry Marvel Marketing Machine will doubtless now shift to Thor in a big way (and I assume the reason for this trailer coming out is that it’ll be attached to Thor), Captain America is the film I think could do the better business.


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  1. Yeah, got to admit I actually like the look of teh Cap movie more than Thor, at the moment Thor looks like it may go either way.

    Agree the WWII setting is a great idea, it gives the movie its own distinct look and feel and particularly with its release being so close to Thor and potentially green lantern I can see this making it stand out from the crowd.

    Also, they managed to make Caps costume not look rubbish in real life.

    Finally, like the inclusion of Howard Stark. It is the advantage of the Marvel Studios movies that we’re really getting a feeling of the films taking place in the same universe, all of which will apparently bring us to the Avengers Movie.

    Talking of Avengers, it won’t really happen though will it, surely they can’t hold everything together that long without the wheels coming off. Oh we might get a film called Avengers, it may even feature the characters they say, but at some point there will have to be an almighty strop which caused the big names to leave. If it happens then I may buy lottery tickets again since the order of the univers emay have fundimentally changed.


  2. Agreed. I’m looking forward to Thor, and its got a great cast and crew, but I can’t help but get the feeling the mainstream cinema audiences aren’t going to go for it. Cap’s WWII setting gives it a different hook, and makes me imagine the recent success of the Ed Brubaker stuff (which used Cap’s WWII history extensively) was being looked at.

    Got to agree about the crossover elements as well in the Marvel movies. They’re really adding something to the films. It’ll be interesting if DC ever manage to do anything similar to help build up the JLA movie that’s apparently back on, but they seem determined to keep their big franchises completely separate, which doesn’t really make sense to me. Imagine if the new Superman movie had a Batman cameo after the credits. People would go nuts. Heck, Smallville was desperate to do a Batman episode for years, before finally just using Green Arrow and chucking in a thinly-veiled reference to Bats.

    The Avengers movie is all looking a bit unreal isn’t it? Joss Whedon? Robert Downey Jnr? Chris Evans? If Marvel pull this off, its going to be immense.


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