Green Lantern August Solicits

The August solicits for DC are now out, and the Green Lantern ones bring a few surprises.

Most importantly, is the appearance of Kyle Rayner on the cover of Green Lantern Corps.  His absence in the previous months solicits had not gone unnoticed, leading to the popular theory that Kyle was the Green Lantern that was going to be left out in the cold, either dying or becoming a Blue Lantern (the later being a theory I was particularly happy with).

However, that’s all out of the window now.  Unless one of the covers is a misdirection (and its not like DC haven’t messed with solicited covers before to throw people off the trail) we now have covers showing Kyle, Guy and John are still Green Lanterns.  But what about Hal?

Well, Hal’s nowhere to be seen.  For the second month in a row, Green Lantern is entirely absent from the solicits.  Is the book taking two months off (being replaced by the War of the Green Lanterns Aftermath title)?  Looks like it.  And its a nice way to hide the status quo of the book until War of the Green Lanterns wraps up.

But is Hal really likely to not be a Green Lantern anymore?  The flash-forward a few months back seemed to suggest he would be.  And lets be honest, there’s a major Hollywood Green Lantern movie coming out next month starring the character.  There’s no way he’s not going to be a Green Lantern.  But does this mean he perhaps goes rogue somehow?

And what of all the teases with only 3 Green Lantern rings?  Again, its now not looking likely that that’s the case.  Its feasible Hal could end up with an internalised power source (which would ironically make events play out similarly to the original Emerald Twilight proposal) however again, I can’t see him not having the same powers he does in the movie.  So does this mean the 3 rings teases were more symbolic in nature, suggesting one of the GLs would leave the Corps, while not necessarily losing his ring.  I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Again, all assuming there’s not something sneaky going on with these covers.  I do like how DC are manipulating the solicits to keep us guessing, as opposed to having everything ruined months in advance.

I also note the Emerald Warriors solicit, has Guy back on Earth dealing with a Waynetech satellite and teaming up with Batman (I’m assuming its Bruce).  So what happened to the original direction of Emerald Warriors, and all the stuff with the unknown sectors?  Very intriguing.



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