Emerald Warriors #11

War of the Green Lanterns is over.  Err, well.  Sort of.  In the pages of Emerald Warriors at least.

This month’s issue is a bit of an odd beast.  The solicits for Emerald Warriors had clearly marked its last two issues as being to do with the aftermath of War of the Green Lanterns.   Instead that’s not what we’ve got, and I have to wonder if those plans changed in light of the reboot announcement and the imminent end of this book (and Guy moving back to GLC).

So its now post-War of the GLs in Emerald Warriors, but this issue’s story doesn’t spoil things at all, instead giving us a simple one-shot tale, as Guy’s time off is interrupted by what should be a quick save of an ambassador’s ship.  Of course, nothing’s ever easy, especially when the ambassador turns out to be a particularly attractive woman and catches Guy’s eye.

Its hard to understate how much I enjoyed this storyline.  The entire Green Lantern franchise has been in event mode ever since the Sinestro Corps War, either building up Blackest Night, or War of the Green Lanterns.   To finally have an issue that shunned larger event-driven antics just to give us 20 pages of Guy doing what he does best was a heck of a lot of fun.  It was a remarkably simple story that turned its nose up at all the recent events to just let Guy really shine.  Utterly brilliant, and a great tonic after all the build up and padding of the last few years.  More like this please DC.

Although, there is still a weirdness to this issue.  Taken on its own its great fun, however when you stop to look at the solicits, its obvious that the delays to Green Lantern are only part of the story.   The original solicitations for the post-War of the GLs issues of Emerald Warriors seemed to make it clear they’d be dealing with the aftermath.  Instead we’ve now got this (admittedly great fun) one-shot story, and it sounds like there’s going to be another next month (which will wrap up this series as its being replaced by The New Guardians in DCNu).  It does make me wonder just how last minute a lot of changes are as a result of this reboot.  It certainly manages to give the impression of being less than well planned out in advance (especially with the various costume tweaks etc we’re still seeing in the reboot solicitations versus preview materials).

That being said, I enjoyed this issue so much, I’m actually pretty happy circumstances obviously changed, and I can’t wait for next month’s issue.  Its just a pity we’re only getting these kinds of stories because everything is wrapping up for the reboot.



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