War of the Green Lanterns Aftermath

*sigh* I’ve gotten so bad at keeping up with my blogging.  Anyway, War of the Green Lanterns is over, and Tony Bedard has been firmly handed the keys to the car while Geoff’s away plotting the reboot.  While Peter Tomasi’s Emerald Warriors has shifted to one-and-done issues featuring Guy, Green Lantern Corps picks up the pieces of War of the Green Lanterns, along with the dedicated 2-part series, Aftermath.

Overall, I have to say, I’ve been really pleased with the aftermath.  The only rough spot possibly being the split between Soranik and Kyle, however that was made worse, by the issue of GLC it happened in coming out before Aftermath #2, which played a big part in their relationship breaking down, as Kyle stepped in to stop Soranik killing Sinestro.  That said, I did really enjoy that issue for the way it tied up old plot threads relating to them, and the reappearance of Miri.  I also really enjoyed seeing her being apparently overwhelmed by the power of her Sapphire ring.  Its something we haven’t really seen before and yet we should have, since its on the far end of the spectrum, like the red rings.

Kyle’s attempt to stop the Lanterns killing Sinestro perhaps continues the trend of ignoring the history between Kyle and Sinestro (knowing that he’s the guy that engineering his mother’s death, would Kyle *really* be that eager to defend Sinestro?).  I liked how Kyle was fighting to stop the other Lanterns stooping to Sinestro’s level though, especially Soranik, and his smack down on Vath was a great moment (seriously, did these guys forget they were facing down an Honour Guard Lantern?  Kyle should be able to hold his own against the group).

John faired well in the aftermath as well.  His destruction of Mogo playing a big part of things, as he finds himself a target for his fellow Lanterns.  Kyle’s attempt to reach out to him was nice to see, and I liked the way John shot him down.  Its clear to me that John’s dealing with the guilt for what he did in his own way, and seeing this more introspective John really reminded me of the character I enjoyed reading about in the past, versus his more recent “I was a marine!” appearances.  The single issue that saw him teaming up with one of the Lanterns recruited while Krona was controlling the Corps was possibly one of my favourite issues of GLC in a while.  I suspect not having to share the issue with Kyle allowed Bedard to write a more balanced John Stewart, and its perhaps a shame we’re only getting to see this, as Bedard is finishing up his run.

The scenes with Ganthet weren’t a big part of the story, but still very nice to see.  Again, it was nice to see Bedard picking up on dangling plot threads, with Sayd’s absence being brought up which has been badly needed for a while now.  We may not know what’s happened to her, but at least she’s not been totally forgotten about.  The final cliffhanger was quite chilling, so it’ll be interesting to see what’s happened to Ganthet.  After the scenes in Aftermath 1 and 2, I can’t help but wonder if the Guardians are going to have forcibly removed his emotions.

Between the cliffhanger with Ganthet, and the short scenes with Sinestro (which confirm that the GL ring is somehow unable to be removed from his finger) there was a bit of setup for the next storyline, but thankfully it was kept at a minimum to allow Bedard to really look at the reactions of the Green Lanterns to recent events.  Something that was especially welcome given the tendancy of big events to focus more on setting up the next big thing over the last few years.

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