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Ok, first things first.  This blog is not dead.  Its merely resting.  Real life at the moment means I’m not getting as much chance to write random musings on tech, comics and games as I’d like too, and the blog is probably the main place where that’s most obvious.

That said, I’m still going to try and churn out the odd post.  There’s a lot of good stuff to talk about at the moment, such as my rediscovered love for the Spider-titles over at Marvel (largely thanks to Dan Slott’s brilliant work in Amazing), the great first two issues of the Kaine-starring Scarlet Spider book, or even the ongoing new 52 over at DC, where the Flash continues to be the relaunch the book’s been looking for for years, Animal Man continues to impress as the breakout “I wasn’t expecting it to be this good” book, and I’m still struggling to get used to some of the changes (I miss the previous Superboy, and I’m still not convinced by some of the costume changes – specifically Superman, and Hal’s new shoulder pads).   There’s the upcoming addition of Earth-2 and World’s Finest, which I find I’m very excited about too.

And then there’s gaming.  We were really spoiled for great games towards the end of last year, and I’ve been having a great time playing Old Republic, Skyrim, Battlefield, Arkham City, and even going back to Star Trek Online for the long-awaited return of their featured episodes this last week.

And (once things settle down), I’ve also got the reviews and podcasts I submit to Outpost Skaro on the go too.  I’m still greatly enjoying the stuff Big Finish are producing, having listened to some of their Sherlock Holmes plays in addition to the Doctor Who releases.

However, one aspect of my blog is changing. For the time being, due to the combination of my lack of time to spend on the blog, and an increase in the amount of spam getting through the filter I’ve disabled the comments in the blog.

To be honest this is just temporary. While I know this isn’t the biggest blog on the internet, I do still enjoy the times I get responses to my posts. So I’ll probably look to add capchas or something and see if that helps matters.

However that’s just a bit unfortunate. In the meantime I want to get back on track with my posts and finish up some of the drafts I’ve had sitting for ages.


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