Star Trek Axanar

Star Trek AxanarIts a good time to be a fan of classic Trek, with the likes of Phase 2 and Continues bringing us new episodes at an ever-increasing level of quality.   From a fan perspective I think its incredible that we’re at a point where we can get that level of quality from fan productions and its very exciting.

The latest series to join an ever increasing number, is Star Trek Axanar, and it promises to be something quite exciting and different.   From a story perspective, the creators are aiming to give us something from a previously untouched era in the show, taking the character of Garth of Izar from the episode Whom Gods Destroy, and showing us him in his prime and possibly his defining moment at the Battle of Axanar.

Set at the tail end of a long and bloody war against the Klingons, Axanar was a pivotal moment for the Federation, and this film aims to show us that.  In many of the interviews I’ve now heard with writer/producer Alec Peters, he’s drawing on many of the great war films, to give us an intriguing look at war time in Star Trek, while aiming to keep the story true to that universe.  Also the Trek-geek in me is pretty excited about seeing their idea of what the Federation was like prior to Kirk, and how it got to what we saw in later series.  Not to mention, the Constitution Class playing a pivotal role in the plot, with Battlestar Galactica’s Michael Hogan playing Captain Robert April, a name that should be familiar to fans of the show.

Also intriguing is the way they’re approaching the production, setting themselves up as an independent Star Trek production, and trying to be something bigger and more professional  than another fan film.

The way the Kickstarter is being run is exciting as well.   Kickstarter is proving a popular funding avenue for these productions, with the likes of Star Trek Continues and Renegades doing well with it.   Axanar is trying to learn from those previous funding drives, and is doing two separate Kickstarters.

The first, is to back Prelude to Axanar.  A short film that is planned to serve as a proof of what the team can accomplish.  It aims to produce a short historical documentary style film, looking back on the Battle of Axanar, which alone promises to be fun to watch.  With a much smaller target, they’ve already exceeded their goal, and are now several stretch goals in.  As a backer, I find it great how generous they’re being with rewards, with any backer over $10 getting the stretch goal rewards, meaning lots of tangible extras for the extra funding for those supporting the project.

Axanar promises to be an exciting project.  With a great Kickstarter campaign aiming to really engage the fans, a superb cast lined up and a great team behind the production, I’m really looking forward to seeing Prelude to Axanar, and I know I’ll be waiting for the launch of the full film Kickstarter, ready to back it.


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