Babylon Station?

I’m a player in the beta of Elite Dangerous.  I never played the original but have long been drawn to that kind of game, and so far the beta is all kinds of fun.  To the point that I can’t really envisage what the game’s going to be like in its full scope with thousands of star systems and the like, purely because its so much fun as it is.

One thing I really like, is once you get out of the core Federation systems, you start seeing a lot more variation in the styles of space stations.  However one in particular caught my eye:

The station in question is the Gorbatko Reserve, located in the Chi Herculis system, but it follows a similar design philosophy to many stations in the area with the large ring filled with habitats (if you fly close you’ll see parks and trees), and the docking area seen at the front.  There can be variants, so example the ring can be amounted with the docking area in the middle, but this style has always grabbed me as its really invoked the Babylon stations from Babylon 5.  Especially in this configuration I can’t help but be reminded of Babylon 4, with the spokes in the ring calling back to the solar panels.

For anyone not playing, I obviously really recommend the game.  I’m really keen to see how it develops over the beta phase leading towards gamma (when the players who pre-ordered get to join in) but I’m having a great time exploring the universe while trying to make a few credits.

*edit* Here’s exhibit B: The Romanenko Estate in the Opala System.  In fairness, I do think its the docking bay more than anything else that gives me that Babylon 5 vibe.

Romanenko Estate



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