Constellation Class

One of the final ships from the TV series has finally made it into Star Trek Online, as the Constellation class has been released.

Best known for Captain Picard’s first command, the USS Stargazer, the Constellation class has been a favourite since its début in season 1 of Next Generation, bringing ships with four warp nacelles to the screen for the first time (all previous ships, and most afterwards would sport two).

I’ve been a fan of the Heavy Destroyer in the game since my first play through.  Those Commander-level ships I think represent the first time you start to feel properly formidable, with a half decent array of bridge officer abilities at your disposal.  So much so, that I actually decided to purchase the fleet version of the ship, meaning I get the most out of unlocking the Constellation skin (at least until tier 6 and tier 5 upgrade ships hit, but I’ll look into that as more information comes available).

In the meantime I’m actually really enjoying the ship.  It looks pretty much spot on for the TV show.  The only niggle is the way they’ve added the red glow to the nacelles.  That’s a very Next Gen thing and ships of this age didn’t have it.  Its a weird decision in an otherwise accurate ship.

And yes, that’s the Crystalline Entity in the background.  I’m really enjoying this event being back in game 🙂


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