Back to Blogging?

Yikes.  Its been ages since I last blogged.

Its not that I don’t enjoy it.   While I still wouldn’t in anyway characterise myself as a good writer, I still take a fair amount of enjoyment from it.   More recently, working on fanfic to bolster the backstories of my various Star Trek Online characters.  Most of that stuff has been rattling around in my head anyway, so its quite fun typing it out, redrafting it, and tightening it up.  Sadly real life often intrudes, and by the time I get the chance to sit and chill out, my brain is fried and writing would just take too much focus.

Still, I’ve recently gone through the process of changing my domain about.  Largely cost-saving since I wasn’t using it for much, but did want to maintain the blog.   So, one export and import into a free hosted account later, here I am.  Sure half the older posts are still in bits, but its a start.

Gaming-wise, very little seems to have changed from my previous posts.  My main go-to games for relaxing are still Star Trek Online and Elite Dangerous.  Both have obviously come a fair way since my last posts on both though, so I may have to address that in some follow up posts.


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