The Titan’s Cannon

So, this week’s geeky purchase is Perfect Effect’s PC-14: The Titan’s Cannon. Or to put it simply, a giant laser gun for Fortress Maximus.

img_3248Originally part of their “Warden” figure, the blaster is inspired by the accessory that came with the original G1 Fortress Maximus, now shipped separately and with a new adaptor piece so the Titans Return Fortress Maximus can hold it.  Given the raft of cannons the original toy came with, its nice to have this as an extra accessory for Titans Return Max. Certainly I’ve never regretted going for a version that came with a sword for that reason. If I’d picked up the standard retail release of Fortress Maximus (which is a cracking buy for the money, especially since they can usually be found in sales) I imagine I’d have almost certainly bought a third-party sword as well.

The cannon itself is a really nice piece of kit. While styled after the G1 version, this is far more detailed and includes a stock that can be folded up. The sight has a nicely painted red front lens and a green view finder at the back. img_3247It comes packaged in a nice stylish-looking box that includes shots on the back showing how the new handle can be folded up to allow the cannon to peg onto the side of Maximus’ Battleship mode, just like its G1 counterpart.

To be honest if there’s a weak part to this accessory, that’s probably it. While the cannon does peg on the side ok, the connection is slightly loose, so while it’s fine for display or a photo, nudge it and it’ll drop down. The peg could do with being a smidge tighter.

img_3264As I mentioned the thing that differentiates this cannon from the one that came with Warden is the adaptor. This means that if you take off that adaptor (which just pegs in), you also now have a blaster for your G1 Fortress Maximus. This is a nice little bonus for me, since mine is the Korean Reissue of the Brave Maximus variant that came without most of the accessories. It’s no surprise that this looks great with the G1 Max since Warden, as well as being a figure in his own right, was also essentially an upgrade set for G1 Max, with both the cannon and the figure could transform into a replacement head. I’m really glad they did reissue it separately for use with the Titans Return figure though. While some of the third-party figures do look really nice, they still tend to be quite pricey and often I find their transformations too fiddly or involved for them to hold much interest. Being able to get the cannon separately was a great idea on the part of Perfect Effect (and being fair, probably easy money for them too).

IMG_3268The cannon does have one final trick to it. Halfway along there’s a 5mm peg on a ball joint which you can use alongside a second 5mm peg that folds out from the back. This means that any compatible figure can now hold it (such as the original Warden release), so you can now give Fortress/Cerebros a ridiculously oversized gun as well. Having the second peg on a ball joint was a great idea, making it much easier to position the blaster. For a laugh I did try it with G1 Cerebros, but it’s less of a good fit in his hands, and his lack of articulation makes balancing it much more difficult. But that doesn’t matter to me, since I bought it for the Titans Return version and there’s no doubt whether it’s the smaller Fortress/Cerebros or Maximus himself, the figure looks great with the cannon.

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