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Yikes.  Its been ages since I last blogged. Its not that I don't enjoy it.   While I still wouldn't in anyway characterise myself as a good writer, I still take a fair amount of enjoyment from it.   More recently, working on fanfic to bolster the backstories of my various Star Trek Online characters.... Continue Reading →

Blog Update

Ok, first things first.  This blog is not dead.  Its merely resting.  Real life at the moment means I'm not getting as much chance to write random musings on tech, comics and games as I'd like too, and the blog is probably the main place where that's most obvious. That said, I'm still going to... Continue Reading →

New Look

So, I've now been running this blog for over 2 years, so I felt it was time to freshen it up a little. I really love the Mandigo theme I had been using (and may yet go back to if this theme doesn't work out). Its got a nice look, and behind-the-scenes its hugely configurable,... Continue Reading →

WordPress Upgrade

 I've been using the 2.7 version of WordPress since it came out, and I've been pretty happy with the updates.   Ever since 2.6 there's been loads of really nice features added that have made maintaining and using the blog a lot easier.   So today, when 2.7.1 was released, I was pleased to see... Continue Reading →

A Few Updates

Well, last night I decided to muck about with a few things. A couple of my categories have been bugging me for a while. I always felt the line between the Computing and Technology categories got a bit grey quite a lot. With tagging coming in, I thought the distinction was even less necessary (with... Continue Reading →

1 Year Old

Well, today is the one year anniversary of my blog. I must admit, I didn't think I'd stick at it nearly this long. I've been going back through the old posts, and its interesting to watch myself get more used to how things are done with the blog. I've got a better grip on WordPress'... Continue Reading →

Tagging – Update

Ok, so I've been playing with this tagging thing for a week or so now. I'm still not convinced by it, but that I think is partly because I'm used to just using my categories. I'm trying to ensure that I at least include the categories of a post as tags, but a big problem... Continue Reading →


Ok, so tagging seems to be the "in-thing" these days with websites. Since WordPress added tagging, I've been eyeing it suspiciously. What does it offer me that my categories don't? Honestly, I'm still not sure, but I've decided to try and add some tags to my posts none-the-less. The strategy I'm trying to take is... Continue Reading →

New Look

Okay, I'm just playing around with the look of the blog at the moment. With WordPress adding tags a release or two ago, I thought I should start adding them, and by extension, add the tag cloud widget to my sidepanel. However, I've also been aware that the length of the sidepanel was increasing, so... Continue Reading →


Figured out what the problem was. There was an option in my theme to automatically handle long links (that would otherwise stretch the page). Enabling it was what had broken the javascript, which in turn broke anything else on the page which required javascript. Sorted now. Wasn't a huge issue, but just something that was... Continue Reading →

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