The Titan’s Cannon

So, this week’s geeky purchase is Perfect Effect’s PC-14: The Titan’s Cannon. Or to put it simply, a giant laser gun for Fortress Maximus. Originally part of their “Warden” figure, the blaster is inspired by the accessory that came with the original G1 Fortress Maximus, now shipped separately and with a new adaptor piece so... Continue Reading →

Titans Return Trypticon

I really wasn't going to.   Trypticon wasn't one of those characters that had been a focus for me growing up from the comics or anything.   When he won the fan vote for the next Titan class figure, it wasn't unexpected, but I think I'd personally voted for Scorponok.   Also I now had... Continue Reading →

Revenge of the Fallen

So, I've now seen the film twice.  Yes, I do love my giant transforming robots. I've seen both the normal and Imax version, and enjoyed it a lot.  In fact, the two things that annoyed me first time around (the twins and the length) grated a lot less on a second viewing.  Aside from the... Continue Reading →

More Blackest Night Figures

IGN does it again.  This time an interview with the guys at DC Direct about the upcoming Blackest Night figures, including a look at the range, with many figures we hadn't seen.  Including a brand new Kyle figure 😀 I'm going to be so incredibly skint.  Loads of these look worth having.  Kyle and John... Continue Reading →

DC Direct @ NYCC

I've just been looking at Action Figure Insider's DC Direct gallery from the NYCC. There's some really nice stuff there, including some nice close-up, hi-res pictures of the upcoming Blackest Night figures (well, minus the two "surprise" figures anyway).   They looked really nice in the preview shot we'd been, but these pictures are even better,... Continue Reading →

My Giant Robot HAS Legs!

Well, that was easier than I thought. The local Woolies had clearly only just put out a new case, so I grabbed all the figures I was missing. And with the prices down to £4.50 each, and a 20% voucher they're currently giving out, it only cost me about a tenner. I must admit, I'm... Continue Reading →

My Giant Robot Has No Legs!

Grrrr. I hate these collect-a-figure things. Marvel Legends were famous for doing them. Basically, each figure in a wave would include a piece of a much larger figure, so by collecting every toy in the wave, you'd have all the bits to put together the final figure. As a result, I've got random bits of... Continue Reading →

City Commander

Some new pictures of the upcoming City Commander trailer for Classics Ultra Magnus can be seen here I can't afford it sadly, but its certainly drool-worthy, and hard to resist for a big Ultra Magnus fan like me. On a related note, I'm really loving the Universe Classics. Prowl and Sunstreaker have both been released... Continue Reading →

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