Green Lantern Corps #47

As a counterpoint to Green Lantern, this month's Green Lantern Corps was very much an epilogue to Blackest Night.  And after an event that big, this worked better for me, allowing the characters to process what's happened, rather than just moving straight onto the next storylines (helped by the fact that the new creative team... Continue Reading →

Blackest Night #8

I can't help but think there's something I've forgotten to blog about.  Oh yeah, Blackest Night #8 😀 Over the last few years, big comic book event mini-series have been a bit of a mixed bag.  Infinite Crisis flagged towards the end, and parts didn't really make sense without the tie ins.  Civil War basically... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern #52

The last Blackest Night issue of Green Lantern picks up straight after the reveals in Blackest Night #7, with Hal and co standing with the new White Lantern: Sinestro. Backstory is the name of the game in this issue. With the white entity revealed in Blackest Night, this issue takes the opportunity to tie it... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern Corps #46

Now this was a packed issue.  Representing the last entry into Blackest Night for the Green Lantern Corps title, this issue, if anything, felt a little rushed, as a lot was crammed in before the final Blackest Night #8. The various Lantern Corps in orbit (as seen in the preview) manage to thin out the... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern #46 Preview

Sadly, Green Lantern Corps has been pushed back a week.  Not sure why, but in the meantime, IGN have put up a preview to tide us over. Its certainly full of the same kind of manic, character-filled action we've come to expect from the GLC title during this event (and event before with the riot... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern Corps #45

With the Black Lanterns on Oa dealt with by Mogo, and the GLC due to make the leap to Earth in time for Blackest Night #7, its no surprise that the focus of this issue is dealing with Guy's red ring infection. And again, its ultimately Mogo that comes to the rescue, as he forces... Continue Reading →

Blackest Night #7

I must admit, I was very glad to finally have this issue in my hands.  The January skip month's effects have really been hitting the event for me, as its really felt in a holding pattern with nothing particularly happening to move the story forward for the last couple of months. And very nicely, a... Continue Reading →

Blackest Night: The Flash

I must admit, I think the initial run of three mini-series that tied into Blackest Night had an advantage over these later entries.  With the first 4 issues concerned only with Black Lanterns attacking and building up to Nekron's return, they were freer to tell a story within themselves, unshackled by any other events in... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern #51

So its part 2 of the Spectre/Parallax showdown. And after being unsure about it last issue, how did it pan out? Well, quite a bit happened here.  The actual Spectre/Parallax confrontation was pretty short.  Its unclear to me whether or not Johns actually intended to show Parallax as powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with the... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern #50

Has it really been 25 issues since The Sinestro Corps War finished and Blackest Night was teased?  Time flies when you're having fun 🙂 After John's misadventures on Xanshi last issue, its straight back into the main action of Blackest Night here, with Hal and the rest of the New Guardians (as the group of... Continue Reading →

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