Captain America Trailer

It maybe seems odd, since I've long been a big Green Lantern fan, but the superhero movie that currently has me most excited this year is actually Marvel's upcoming Captain America. I think amongst other things, its the fact that they've made it a World War 2 film.  This helps it stand out amongst all... Continue Reading →


Marvel in May

So the post-Dark Reign landscape of the Marvel universe is slowly starting to take shape, and with the latest solicits on IGN there are a few surprises. The Heroic Age Magazine #1 cover presents an interesting line up.  Some are obvious.  We've got Black Widow (currently appearing all over the Marvel Universe for several months... Continue Reading →

Captain America Reborn #1

Captain America Reborn is Marvel's big summer mini-event.  A culmination of plots put in place by Ed Brubaker two years ago when Captain America was shot. Firstly, to the negative.  The truth of what happened to Steve is revealed (only partially to the other heroes, but we find out the truth from a conversation between... Continue Reading →

Comics 26/03/2009

Bit of a low-key comics week for me this week, although I noticed how I picked up more Marvel than DC titles for the first time in a while (3 Marvel vs 2 DC). Sadly Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks #1 which I was really looking forward to, didn't seem to make it to my... Continue Reading →

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