Green Lantern Post Geoff Johns

Geoff Johns leaving the Green Lantern titles was a landmark moment.  So big, in fact, that DC decided to revamp the whole line up, replacing every other creative on the books as well.  I might argue that this was a tad overkill, but it was understandable. Its a change I was pretty excited about, having been... Continue Reading →

Iron Man NOW!

We're now a good way into the Marvel NOW run of Iron Man.   Its a run I was very much looking forward to, and so far has been ticking a lot of boxes for me, with one major exception. Coming off the end of Matt Fraction's run, I was more than ready for a... Continue Reading →

Blog Update

Ok, first things first.  This blog is not dead.  Its merely resting.  Real life at the moment means I'm not getting as much chance to write random musings on tech, comics and games as I'd like too, and the blog is probably the main place where that's most obvious. That said, I'm still going to... Continue Reading →

The New Scarlet Spider

So, a follow up to my Spider Island post.  I must admit, this has really surprised me, but this year will see not only the return of the Scarlet Spider, but he's getting his own monthly.  And even more than that, he's a clone of Peter Parker once again.  Wow. Now, the Scarlet Spider ID... Continue Reading →

Spider Island

Its safe to say that over the last few years, we've been bombarded by various events from the big two comic book publishers.  And even within this year there's been plenty to talk about, with Fear Itself, Flashpoint and the new 52. However, for me, without a doubt Spider Island has been the event of... Continue Reading →

The New 52 – Green Lantern Corps

The third Lantern book of the reboot, and the second returning title, Green Lantern Corps has none-the-less had things rejigged a bit, with Peter Tomasi and Guy returning to the book, while Kyle has exited to star in the New Guardians title. While I criticised Green Lantern #1 for not coming across as much of... Continue Reading →

Red Lanterns #1

So, with the various other Corps getting a lot of attention during Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night, it made sense that eventually DC would create a book to capitalise on this.  However, to my mind, they went with the bizarre choice of a Red Lanterns ongoing title.  The rabid animals of the emotional spectrum,... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern #1

In addition to trying out lots of new titles from the new 52 I am, of course, continuing to pick up the Green Lantern titles, which, much like the Bat-franchise have emerged from this reboot with tweaks to some of the earlier continuity, but their ongoing storylines unscathed. As a result, I did have some... Continue Reading →

New 52: Week 3

So, with our second full week of new #1s under our belt, its interesting to see how things are shaping up. To be honest, I probably felt last week's books were stronger over all (thanks to the killer combo of Action Comics and Batgirl), but I still mostly enjoyed this week's offerings that I picked... Continue Reading →

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