The Time of the Doctor

2013 was a bit of a roller coaster year as a Who fan. From the initial downs of feeling like production had slowed down in what should've been a massive year, and feeling a bit let down by several episodes of series 7b, things perked up massively (and rightly so) in November, with Night of... Continue Reading →

Let's Kill Hitler Prequel

As has been its way this year, the BBC has released a little prequel scene for the upcoming return of Doctor Who.  Its a cracking scene, that doesn't spoil anything, but does start to get me excited for the show coming back (not that it takes much). Best part is the Doctor's answering machine message... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Carol

This year's Doctor Who Christmas Special carried with it all the excitement that the rest of series 5 enjoyed. With audiences now having seen Steven Moffat's vision of the show, and Matt Smith's Doctor, the question became, just what would a Christmas Special made by this new team be like? And it was, unsurprisingly, rather... Continue Reading →

Series 6 Trailer

Looks great to me.  A few random thoughts: Stetsons are cool. Nice repeat of the fez gag 🙂 No clips of Mark Sheppard, awwww 😦 Matt Smith with a beard? A first for the Doctor? But most interesting for me: The return of the mysterious not-TARDIS from last year. VERY pleased to see that plot... Continue Reading →


Things have been a little quiet on my blog lately, but I've been hard at work on various reviews for Outpost Skaro, so I thought I'd just include a batch of links, for anyone who's interested 🙂 Doctor Who Big Finish 140 - A Death in the Family Chuck Chuck Versus The Suitcase Chuck Versus... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who: Cradle of the Snake

I've been busy on another Big Finish review for Outpost Skaro, and this time its the third part of the recent 5th Doctor, Tegan, Turlough and Nyssa trilogy: Cradle of the Snake. The Mara's back once again, and the crew end up back in the Manussan Empire where it was originally created, however they've arrived... Continue Reading →

Jago and Litefoot

My second review for Outpost Skaro has just gone live. This time, its me rambling on about a Big Finish release or two, in the form of Jago and Litefoot. With pre-orders for series 2 underway, I take a quick overview of both the Companion Chronicle that started the ball rolling, and then the series... Continue Reading →

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