Jago and Litefoot

My second review for Outpost Skaro has just gone live. This time, its me rambling on about a Big Finish release or two, in the form of Jago and Litefoot. With pre-orders for series 2 underway, I take a quick overview of both the Companion Chronicle that started the ball rolling, and then the series... Continue Reading →


Doctor Who Adventure Games 3: TARDIS

Recently I was made part of the staff on Doctor Who fansite, Outpost Skaro.  As a result, one of the things I'll be doing on the site is posting up reviews from time-to-time of various Doctor Who and sci-fi bits and pieces (so largely what I do here, but with probably less Green Lantern). So... Continue Reading →

Series 5 In Review

This year was always going to be a big deal for Doctor Who.  RTD had been show runner since it came back, and David Tennant was an amazingly successful Doctor.  So the prospect of a new series, with a new show runner, a new vision and a new Doctor was a daunting one.  Would audiences... Continue Reading →

The Big Bang

So, last we saw, Rory was an Auton, Amy had been shot (by Rory), The Doctor had been locked in the Pandorica by pretty much every alien ever and River was trapped in the TARDIS as it exploded, destroying pretty much everything.  The big question being, how the heck do they get out of this... Continue Reading →

The Pandorica Opens

There's no doubt there had been a lot of expectation here. Series openers and finales had been the sole territory of Russell T Davies since Doctor Who returns, and Moffat knocked his first series opener out of the park with The Eleventh Hour. So, what would he give us for a finale? In many ways,... Continue Reading →

The Lodger

After last week's fairly heavy piece, this week brought us a lighter-hearted episode, as the Doctor finds himself stuck on Earth, living as a lodger in a house where the upstairs has something in it that causes people to vanish, and blocks the TARDIS from landing. This was a really enjoyable episode.  Played mainly for... Continue Reading →

Vincent and the Doctor

Out of all the episodes in the series, this is probably the episode that had garnered a lot of the publicity prior to the actual series starting.  And that's because of its high-profile writer, Richard Curtis. The second "celebrity historical" of the year, finds the Doctor and Amy discovering a monster in one of Vincent... Continue Reading →

Cold Blood

Returning monsters seem to be a bit of a theme in this series of Doctor Who, with the Daleks and Weeping Angels having already made appearances, and the Cybermen having been trailed for the series finale. However for this two-parter it was the return of a villain not seen since the 80s, in the form... Continue Reading →

Amy's Choice

With the mini-arc of Amy and Rory's relationship raised in the previous episodes, this episode brings it square into focus. The TARDIS crew are presented with two scenarios.  In the first, its five years later.  Rory and Amy have left the TARDIS and settled down to start a family when the Doctor drops back in... Continue Reading →

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