The Road to Colonia

The main focus of my Elite Dangerous gaming for over a month now has been the trip out to Colonia. For a bit of background, in game Jaques Station attempted a jump across the galaxy but went missing. It was discovered near to the galactic core, for the first time giving explorers in that region... Continue Reading →

The path to Elite

So when I was last updating this blog, Elite Dangerous was still in beta.  Those days are long gone now as the game is now over 2 years old. Its been really interesting to see the game grow and develop over that time.  Especially in comparison to other games in the genre, which have often... Continue Reading →

Babylon Station?

I'm a player in the beta of Elite Dangerous.  I never played the original but have long been drawn to that kind of game, and so far the beta is all kinds of fun.  To the point that I can't really envisage what the game's going to be like in its full scope with thousands... Continue Reading →

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